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Friday, December 1, 2023

Elections 2023 on ships and platforms. KO wins – PiS in third place

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In the electoral commissions on four ships and four drilling and mining platforms, the Civic Coalition achieved the highest result, supported by over 37 percent. voters – according to the National Electoral Commission data. Confederation took second place there, and Law and Justice was only third.

National Electoral Commission on Monday published data from 100 percent of voting precincts. According to these results, five parties got into the Sejm. Law and Justice won 35.38 percent of the votes, Civic Coalition – 30.70 percent, Third Road – 14.40 percent, New Left – 8.61 percent, and Confederation – 7.16 percent of the votes. We also learned the results in individual districts and commissions, including organized ones outside Poland (they were subordinated to the District Electoral Commission in Warsaw). Eight committees were created on board Polish ships and drilling platforms.

The voting took place on: “Dar Młodzieży”, owned by the Maritime University of Gdynia, “Baltica” belonging to the Maritime Fisheries Institute, “Fryderyk Chopin”, as well as on the logistic support ship “ORP Kontradmirał Xawery Czernicki” from the 2nd Transport and Ship Division -Mines. Employees of platforms operating in the Polish economic zone in the Baltic Sea, owned by LOTOS Petrobaltic from the Orlen Group, could also vote. How did voters on the seas and oceans vote?

“Gift of Youth”TVN24

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Parliamentary elections 2023. Voting on ships

The largest maritime electoral commission was established on board the famous sailing ship “Dar Młodzieży”, where 120 people were entitled to vote. They cast their votes near the Azores in the Atlantic Ocean. The turnout in the Sejm elections was over 99%, and in the Senate elections – over 98%. By far the greatest support from voters on the sailing ship was enjoyed by the Civic Coalition, whose candidates received a total of 50 votes. 33 of them went to Donald Tusk. In second place was Confederation, whose members were supported by 22 people. The third political force among voters from “Dar Młodzieży” turned out to be Trzecia Droga, its candidates received 14 votes. Only 6 people voted for politicians running on the Law and Justice list. In the Senate elections, KO’s candidate, Adam Bodnar, received the support of 105 voters, and 8 people voted for Alicja Żebrowska from PiS.

All 17 Poles entitled to vote who were on board the “Baltica” ship on Sunday fulfilled their civic duty – each of them took part in both the elections to the Sejm and the Senate. In the former, the KO committee enjoyed the greatest support, obtaining 9 votes. All KO voters voted for Donald Tusk. PiS candidates were supported by 5 people, Third Way candidates – 3 people. As for the Senate elections, 13 people from the Baltika voted for Bodnar from KO, and 4 for Żebrowska.

The turnout in the Sejm elections on the sailing ship “Fryderyk Chopin” was 100 percent. Of the 27 people present on the board, as many as 18 supported KO candidates, including 11 Donald Tusk. Konfederacja, Nowa Lewica, Trzecia Droga and Niepartyjni Samorządowcy received 2 votes each, PiS received only one vote. In the Senate elections, the turnout was over 96 percent, 23 out of 24 valid votes went to Bodnar, and Żebrowska was supported by only one person.

“Fryderyk Chopin”Marcin Bielecki/PAP

All 67 eligible people cast their votes on the warship “Kontradmiral Xawery Czernicki” in both the Sejm and Senate elections. Data from the National Electoral Commission indicate that “Czernicki” is the strongest bastion of Law and Justice on the seas and oceans. As many as 15 votes were cast for this party’s candidates, the same number as for the Civic Coalition’s candidates. However, none of these parties enjoyed the greatest support from voters, but the Confederation. It was supported by 19 people, all of them voted for Sławomir Mentzen. This is the only maritime commission in which Tusk did not win (he received 8 votes there).

“Contadmiral Xawery Czernicki”Marcin Bielecki/PAP

Voters on board “Czernicki” in the Senate elections, as in all other “maritime” commissions, chose Bodnar, but his advantage over Żebrowska was much smaller than on most Polish ships and platforms (37 votes to 26).

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Elections 2023. Tusk wins on the platforms

The maritime commission with the lowest turnout in this year’s elections was the one organized on the Baltic Beta mining platform, where less than 73% of votes in the elections to both houses of parliament were cast. entitled persons, i.e. 43 people. Among the people voting in this committee, KO won slightly (13 votes), beating PiS (11 votes). Meanwhile, on the Lotos Petrobaltic platform, 31 out of 32 eligible people cast their votes in both elections, which means that the turnout reached almost 97%. KO was supported by the most people, i.e. 12 people, all of which went to Tusk’s account. On the next Petrobaltic platform, all 33 eligible people voted in the Sejm elections. Ten of them voted for candidates from the KO list, including 8 for Tusk, who also enjoyed the greatest support on this platform. At the last one – Petro Giant, 52 out of 55 eligible voters took part in the elections to both chambers, so the turnout reached almost 95%. KO won there, receiving 17 votes, 14 of which were won by Tusk himself. Bodnar won the Senate elections on all platforms.

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Main photo source: TVN24/Facebook/Dar Młodzieży

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