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Elections 2023. Rzeszów. Ziobro won in Kowal. The leaders of PiS and KO outclassed their rivals

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In the Rzeszów-Tarnobrzeg district (no. 23), Law and Justice won the Sejm elections, but Jarosław Kaczyński’s party lost one seat compared to the result four years ago. The Civic Coalition won three seats, Third Road two, and Confederation one.

The National Electoral Commission published the election results from all district electoral commissions for the Sejm in the Rzeszów-Tarnobrzeg district (no. 23).

Electoral district number 23 includes the following counties: Dębica, Kolbuszów, Leżajsk, Łańcut, Mielec, Niżański, Ropczyce-Sędziszów, Rzeszów, Stalowowolski, Strzyżowski, Tarnobrzeg and the cities of Rzeszów and Tarnobrzeg. There were 15 seats up for grabs.

Ziobro and Kowal outclassed their rivals

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According to the National Electoral Commission data, the Law and Justice Electoral Committee won 318,081 votes in 633 voting precincts, which gives it 51.60 percent. support. The most votes were won by Zbigniew Ziobro, who started from number one – 74,592. Ewa Leniart, who started from three, received 38,795 votes. Rafał Weber, who started from the “fourth” position, also achieved good results – 31,349 votes, and Marcin Warchoł, who started from the last, 30th place, obtained 26,750 votes.

119,259 voters cast their votes for the Civic Coalition, which translates into 17.70 percent. support. Paweł Kowal, who started from the first place on the KO list, scored 63,534 votes and when it comes to the KO list, this is an absolute record. The second result was recorded by Krystyna Skowrońska, who started from two – she got 14,901 votes. The third result was achieved by Zdzisław Gawlik, who started from last place – he won 7,054 votes.

Two seats for the Third Way, one for the Confederation, the Left out of the Sejm

Trzecia Droga won 83,676 votes, which gave it 12.42 percent. support. The best result was achieved by Adam Dziedzic, who started from number one – he got 24,304 votes, and Jolanta Burkiewicz, who started from two, got 11,528 votes.

In fourth place is Konfederacja, for which 63,854 people voted, which gave Sławomir Menzten’s party 9.48 percent. support. 26,895 voters cast their votes for the leader of the list, Grzegorz Braun.

Fifth in the ranking is the Left, for which 32,828 people voted, which translates into 4.87%. support. 8,844 people voted for the leader of the list, Wiesław Buż, and 7,737 people voted for the second one on the list – debutant Patrycja Pawlak-Kamińska.

According to the distribution of votes, PiS won nine seats (in 2019 it had 10), the Civic Coalition – three (in 2019 two), two for Third Road and one for Confederation. This means that the current Left MP, Wiesław Buż, will not win a seat.

They won seats

From the PiS list, the following people won the mandate: Zbigniew Ziobro, Ewa Leniart, Marcin Warchoł, Rafał Weber, Zbigniew Chmielowiec, Krzysztof Sobolewski, Jan Warzecha, Kazimierz Gołojuch and Fryderyk Kapinos.

From the KO list, the following people entered the Sejm: Paweł Kowal, Krystyna Skowrońska and Zdzisław Gawlik.

The debuting Third Droga won two seats – Adam Dziedzic and Elżbieta Burkiewicz will sit on the parliamentary benches.

From the Confederation list, district 23 will be represented in the Sejm by Grzegorz Braun.

Main photo source: PAP

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