Elections 2023. Spot of the “East” Initiative entitled “We were already quiet” and the role of women in elections. Activists comment


The “Wschód” initiative published a clip titled “Cicho already were”, intended to encourage women to participate in the elections. – When I watch this spot, I get chills every time – admitted Dominika Lasota, an activist of this initiative, in the “Tak jest” program. – Poland, unfortunately, has become deaf to our voice – said Katarzyna Niedźwiecka from the “Girls for Elections” Initiative, and Marta Marczuk from “Lat Twenties” said that “it is not that women don’t know what to do with themselves”, but are “very overwhelmed.”

The “Wschód” initiative released a spot titled “Cicho jusłem”, intended to encourage women to participate in the elections. She recalled numerous statements by politicians about women and recalled that they constitute 52 percent of those eligible to vote.

“Wschód” is a group of activists working for social justice and climate. As she writes about herself, she “fights for a good life in Poland” and “confronts politicians with reality.” In recent weeks, people associated with the initiative have appeared at political rallies PiS, as well as opposition parties. In spring, activists organized, among others: campaign related to the use of solar energy in Warsaw.


The role of women in elections and the pro-turnout spot were discussed in “Tak jest” on TVN24 by Dominika Lasota from the “Wschód” Initiative, Katarzyna Niedźwiecka from the “Girls for Elections” Initiative and Marta Marczuk from the “Lata Twenties” organization.

– When I watch this spot, it still gives me goosebumps, even though I’ve seen it several times – admitted Lasota. – I live under the rule of PiS and I observe the political scene, and sometimes the only thing left is to simply tell all these older guys to sit in silence and finally listen to us, finally listen to what we have to say – she continued.

The “Wschód” initiative published the clip “Cicho jusłem”. Lasota: When I watch this spot, it gives me chills every timeInitiative “Wschód”, TVN24

– As women, as Poles, we constitute 52 percent of society. The current ruling party, the current government, the current political scene, to say that it does not look like this and does not represent us adequately is an understatement, she added.

– I hope that with this gesture we will, above all, touch the hearts of girls, young girls in this country, women who are tired, who are hard-worked, who want it all to end, and we will move them enough to vote for a better Poland. – said the activist.

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"We were already quiet".  Spot Initiative "East"

“We were already quiet.” Spot of the “East” Initiative“East” Initiative

“This spot is very touching”

Marczuk mentioned that one of the respondents in “Debutants ’23” study conducted by her organization, “he said that Poland is a country ruled by forefathers, elected by forefathers.”

She added that “you definitely have to choose the narrative very carefully, (…) when creating a spot or an entire campaign.” – However, we know that it’s not that women don’t know what to do with themselves, they don’t have any opinions at all, it’s just that they are very overwhelmed – she said.

Marta Marczuk: It's not that women don't know what to do with themselves.  They are rather very overwhelmed

Marta Marczuk: It’s not that women don’t know what to do with themselves. They are rather very overwhelmedTVN24

Niedźwiecka said that “this spot is very moving.” – Unfortunately, Poland has become deaf to our voice – she added.

– I hope that this spot will reach the largest possible audience and will really move us and give us the strength to go to the polls on the 15th and show our strength – she said.

Katarzyna Niedźwiecka: this spot is very touching

Katarzyna Niedźwiecka: this spot is very touchingTVN24

Lasota: we want this slogan “We were already quiet” to reach wherever possible

Lasota also talked about plans to tour Poland with the “East” Initiative and what it involves. – We want this slogan “We have already been quiet” to reach wherever possible, because we really need to mobilize all girls and all women in the last two weeks of the election campaign.

– Poland looks very gloomy at the moment and this spot is, I hope, a reflection of what is happening. We have inflation, so many of us worry about the end of the month. Women are overwhelmed by the fact that they do not know whether they can send their child to nursery, how their children will function at school, or whether no one will burden them or oppress them in any other way. In the background of all this, of course, there is the climate crisis and the crisis of people with disabilities. This could go on and on, she continued.

In her opinion, “in big cities, women know that (…) they have a voice, that they can act, that what they do makes sense,” and “in this county Poland, in the Polish countryside, women feel that they will actually say anything “Whatever they do, it doesn’t matter.”

– We want to go to a few places with our team of girls, activists from the “Wschód” Initiative, to talk to these women, to hear what they have to say, to ask them why they don’t want to vote, why they feel that all this has no effect. makes sense – added Lasota.

Main photo source: YouTube/East Initiative

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