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Elections 2023. Success of pro-turnout campaigns. Announcement of the Polish Business Roundtable

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The Polish Business Roundtable supported eight turnout campaigns with the amount of PLN 6,300,000, the organization said in a press release. As emphasized, “this is the largest historical mobilization of PRB members and the first such extensive cooperation of Polish business communities with the third sector.” The total reach of pro-turnout campaigns was close to 350 million views.

According to PRB, online activities predominated, but campaigns were also present on television, cinemas, radio and in public spaces. They were mostly addressed to women and young people.

The key importance of the campaign

“The research clearly showed that the fact of exposure to advertisements and pro-turnout activities was correlated with participation in elections. Among people who saw pro-turnout campaigns, as many as 78% of respondents from the nationwide CATI sample and 74% from the nationwide CAWI sample of Internet users believe that they encouraged they encourage Polish women and men to cast their votes,” we read.

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“Among respondents from the nationwide CATI sample who declare that they went to vote, 42 percent claim to have seen non-party advertisements and other pro-turnout activities, while in the group of people who did not vote, only 26 percent declared knowledge of these activities. ” – the study shows.

“The main factor that pushed voters of the democratic opposition party to vote were strong emotions caused by a negative opinion about the government’s actions. The most important reason for participating in the elections was ‘I was generally fed up with the ruling party, I wanted a change of government.’ that right next to it was the ‘civic obligation to vote’ – it was noted.

– A new, very noticeable social norm has emerged: “you have to go and cast your vote.” The campaign slogans did not encourage people to vote for specific parties, but it was clear that they changed their thinking about participating in the elections. That it is not only a privilege or an obligation, but above all responsibility and a sense of agency. Our grassroots joint action with non-governmental organizations has proven successful. As the Polish Business Council, we will certainly want to continue them in the coming years and engage even more in activities strengthening civil society – said Dr. Małgorzata Durska, president of the PRB Foundation.

Eight campaigns

The Polish Business Roundtable Foundation supported PLN 6,300,000. golden 8 campaigns:

– It’s your choice with the Voice of Women Initiative and the Batory Foundation

– Referendum campaign with the Economic Freedom Foundation

– Atlas of Tribes with the Liberte Foundation!

– I support Women’s Success with the Success Pisany Szminką Foundation

– Poland Votes More with the Foundation Your vote is important

– Orientuj.sie with the 61st Association

– I come to life with the Batory Foundation and RMF Radio

– Awakening’23 with the Alter Art Foundation.

“The phrase ‘Go to the polls’ received almost 4 billion views,” it was reported.

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