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Elections 2023. The Confederation comments on the poll results of the parliamentary elections. Mentez: we were supposed to overturn the table, but it’s still standing

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Exit poll results give Confederation only 6.2 percent of votes in the parliamentary elections. After their announcement, bitter words were spoken at the Confederate headquarters. – I gave my all over the last year, but it turned out to be far from enough – said Sławomir Mentzen. – The final results may still change a little, but there is no denying that they will not change much and that we have failed, he admitted.

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According to the Ipsos exit poll, the democratic opposition has a chance of winning 248 seats in the Sejm. The study shows that Law and Justice can count on 200 seats, and the Civic Coalition on 163. Third Road, the Left and Confederation also enter the Sejm. According to Ipsos, voter turnout was 72.9 percent.

Elections 2023. Exit poll results. Mentzen: we were about to overturn the table, but it’s still standing

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Sławomir Mentzen spoke at the Confederation headquarters after the announcement of the poll results. He began his speech with thanks. – Thank you very much to everyone who got involved in our election campaign. I would like to thank the candidates, activists, supporters and voters who voted for us. Thank you to everyone who supported us with words, deeds and money, who supported us on the Internet and on the streets, he said.

– This result is an exit poll, a survey conducted on a large sample on election day, but still just a survey. The final results may still change a bit, but there is no denying that they will not change much and that we have failed. We were supposed to overturn this table and everything indicates that we didn’t succeed, he admitted.

Sławomir Mentzen speaks at the Confederation’s election headquarters in WarsawPAP/Albert Zawada

Mentzen said that “at first it looked like it didn’t have to be that bad.” – In March we scored a goal to make it 1-0, in June we improved to 2-0 and it seemed that we were close to this truly historic result. Unfortunately, then they scored 2-1, and in the last moments 2-3. And now I must say that I know perfectly well how the Bayern Munich players felt when in 1999, in the last minutes, they lost the Champions League, losing to Manchester United – he said.

– We had to tip the table over, it’s still standing, at some point it started to wobble a little, but it’s still standing. And PiS, Platforma, Left and PSL are still sitting with him. This is not a failure of our idea. This one is unchanging, right. I am convinced that one day he will definitely win, he announced.


Mentzen noted that there is “another term” ahead of the Confederation. – We don’t know yet how many MPs we will have in it. We don’t know yet how many votes there will be that we will influence. But we know that we will definitely continue to alert the public every time the government does stupid things. We will spoil the well-being of the other parties by seeing and describing the world differently than they do. We will tell the truth, no matter how many people don’t like it. We will guard freedom, property and justice, he said.

– The election campaign is a time of romantic outburst. This is a war full of battles, successes, failures, and sudden twists. But the election campaign is already over. Now it’s time for hard, tedious, everyday, less spectacular, but extremely necessary, even necessary, positivistic work. I feel personally responsible for this result, said one of the Confederation leaders.

He also admitted that he had “given his all” over the last year. – But it turned out to be far from enough. When the emotions subside, I will calmly consider what to do about it and what conclusions to draw – he concluded.

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Another Confederation leader, Krzysztof Bosak, said that “the exit poll results should be approached with caution.” – If the information about a very high turnout is confirmed, it means that in absolute numbers we could have gained tens, maybe hundreds of thousands of new voters – he said.

Krzysztof Bosak at the Confederation’s electoral headquarters in WarsawPAP/Albert Zawada

Main photo source: PAP/Albert Zawada

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