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Elections 2023. When will the new government be formed? Adam Bodnar: probably until the end of November

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I hope that the search for alternative scenarios will end soon. During the first session of the Sejm, a new marshal will be appointed, and he can already get everything done. The president must be aware of this situation – said Adam Bodnar, former ombudsman for civil rights, who won the senatorial seat on the lists of the opposition Senate pact in “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24. In his opinion, “we will probably have a new government by the end of November.”

The National Electoral Commission announced the results of the parliamentary elections on Tuesday. In the Sejm elections, the democratic opposition won a total of 248 seats, PiS 194 seats, and Konfederacja 18 seats. After the parliamentary elections are held, the next steps will be up to President Andrzej Duda, who will decide who to entrust with the mission of forming a government.

Adam Bodnar, asked on Wednesday in “Fakty po Faktach” about the most likely scenario, said that he “feels that Prime Minister (Mateusz) Morawiecki will actually be entrusted with this mission of forming a government, even if it is contrary to logic, even if it is contrary to some political reasoning, because it is known that it was not Law and Justice that won these elections.

– In a nominal sense, perhaps yes, but these three groups of the democratic opposition came together and want to form a government together – he added.

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– However, as I understand it, the point is not to allow for a simple victory, a simple takeover of power. I hope that the preparation and search for alternative scenarios will end soon, said Bodnar.

Bodnar: the president must be aware of this situation

The former ombudsman was asked how long the process of forming a new government might take, since it is already unofficially known that the Sejm session is to be convened in mid-November.

– I think this will be a decisive moment, because the Sejm session will mean the appointment of a new marshal, and the new marshal can already get everything done. It may also appoint commissions of inquiry and may carry out motions of no confidence. In a sense, having control over parliament in a system of constitutional democracy gives a lot, he explained.

He added that “the president must be aware of this situation and we will probably have a new government by the end of November.”

Bodnar with a senatorial mandate

Adam Bodnar won a senator’s seat in the electoral district number 44, consisting of Białołęka, Bielany, Śródmieście, Żoliborz, as well as votes cast on ships and abroad. He obtained as many as 628,442 votes. His rival Alicja Żebrowska from Law and Justice received 193,356 votes.

Bodnar won an overwhelming victory among the Polish community. He won 432.5 thousand abroad. votes, which constituted 78 percent. devoted. 121.9 thousand people voted for Alicja Żebrowska. voters. The PiS candidate won more votes than Adam Bodnar only in two countries: Kosovo and Canada.

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Main photo source: TVN24

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