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Elections 2023. Who will fight for the MP’s seat in the Opole district

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In constituency number 21, there are 12 seats to the Sejm up for grabs. In 2019, the clear winner in the district was Witold Zembaczyński, running from the Civic Coalition’s first position, obtaining 40,022 votes. In this year’s elections, he had to give up the leader’s place on the KO list to Tomasz Siemoniak. Everyone will be waiting for the result of Paweł Kukiz, who sided with PiS.

Electoral district no. 21 covers the Opole Voivodeship.

Elections 2023. Candidates of Non-Party Local Government Representatives to the Sejm – district no. 21

He was on number one Maciej Bluj – landing on Opole from nearby Wrocław. Bluj is a local government official with twenty years of experience. In the years 2003–2007 he was treasurer in the capital of Lower Silesia, then vice-president, responsible, among others, for: for implementing smart city solutions. He left the city hall at the end of 2018.

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Elections 2023. Third Way Candidates to the Sejm – district no. 21

Number one is Adam Gomoła, social activist, economist and entrepreneur. He is 24 years old and the youngest list leader in the Sejm elections. He lives in Gogolin. He graduated from the Warsaw School of Economics, majoring in finance and accounting. He obtained his master’s degree in political science at the University of Warsaw.

Number two is Marcin Oszańcadirector of the Department of Rural Development of the Opole Marshal’s Office, and member of the Supreme Council of the Polish People’s Party.

Elections 2023. Candidates of the Left to the Sejm – district no. 21

The first candidate of the Left from the Opole region is Marcelina Zawisza, member of the Sejm since 2019, first vice-chairwoman of the Coalition Parliamentary Club of the Left. He is a member of the health committee and the standing subcommittee for public health. In 2018, she was included on the Forbes magazine “30 Under 30” list in the “Law and Politics” category for her activities in support of women’s rights. He comes from Katowice, from a mining family.

Elections 2023. PiS candidates for the Sejm – district no. 21

It opens the list of Law and Justice Paweł Kukiz, born in Paczków in the Opole region. One of the most famous Polish rock musicians, participant of the legendary festivals in Jarocin, vocalist and lyricist of the band Piersi, including many political protest songs with “ZChN pozna się” at the forefront, is running on the list of the right-wing party.

Kukiz’s political career began with a civic bill on single-member districts, in which the musician was involved. It gained momentum when he announced his run for president in 2015. He placed third out of 11 candidates. In the same year, he established KWW Kukiz’15 and, thanks to this success, he entered parliament.

In 2019, his group started from the PSL lists as part of the Polish Coalition. He gradually switched sides during his last term PIS and increasingly voted in favor of the government. The most striking example was the situation in August 2021, when PiS lost the opposition’s motion to adjourn the session. The postponement was not in favor of the ruling party, so the so-called There was no reconsideration of the vote and, ultimately, no postponement. The votes of Kukiz and his people were decisive.

Candidates for the Sejm in districts – who can you vote for?

It ranks second on the list Marcin Ociepa, current Secretary of State at the Ministry of National Defense. Previously, he served as Secretary of State at the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology, and then at the Ministry of Development. Member of Parliament Sejm of the Republic of Poland since 2019. He was then fighting for the last-place seat. During this term, he left the Agreement Jarosław Gowinwhen he left the government, and then founded the OdNowa association, becoming the fourth PiS coalition partner. He comes from Opole and is a political scientist by education.

Three from the Opole region Katarzyna Czochara. Member of the Sejm of the 8th and 9th term. Four years ago, she started in second place and obtained a good result of 23,120 votes.

It takes 4th place Janusz Kowalski, currently holding the position of Secretary of State at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. Member of the Sejm of the 9th term, in 2019–2021 Secretary of State at the Ministry of State Assets. In 2021, he was punished by the Deputies’ Ethics Committee in connection with allegations of “dehumanizing LGBT people”. Known for his negative attitude towards Poland’s membership in the European Union. In 2021, he said that “if there was a referendum today, (…) I would vote against joining the Union (…), which I associate only with energy poverty, (…) and with the gender and LGBT agenda.” In 2020, during the conference of leaders of Solidarity Poland (now Sovereign Poland), he said “veto or death”, thus opposing the government’s energy policy. Shortly thereafter, he was dismissed as deputy minister of state assets. One of the most important people around Zbigniew Ziobro.

He came in 8th place Tomasz Ognisty, chairman of the Solidarity of Individual Farmers in the Opole region. He held the position of Janusz Kowalski’s social assistant, but was dismissed after recordings were published in which he promised farmers state lands after the Top Farms company in Głubczyce.

Elections 2023. Confederation Candidates to the Sejm – district no. 21

It’s first on the list Włodzimierz Skalik – Polish sports pilot, politician and local government official, member of the Confederation’s Council of Leaders and vice-president of the Confederation of the Polish Crown, Grzegorz Braun. He stood as a candidate in the parliamentary elections in 1989, 2007 and 2019. Every time without a fine. In 2019, he also ran for the European Parliament, also unsuccessfully.

He took second place Daniel Szkarupski, activist of the All-Polish Youth. In the 2018 local elections, he unsuccessfully ran for the Opole Voivodeship Assembly on behalf of the National Movement.

Elections 2023. KO candidates to the Sejm – district no. 21

Number one is Tomasz SiemoniakMinister of National Defense during the PO-PSL government. Deputy Prime Minister in 2014-2015. He comes from Wałbrzych, and in this year’s elections he is running from the Opole KO list, of which he is the vice-chairman.

The second place goes to a woman from Opole Danuta Jazłowiecka. Member of the Sejm of the 5th and 6th term, Member of the European Parliament of the 7th and 8th term, senator of the 10th term. She graduated from the Higher School of Engineering in Opole.

In third place was the leader from four years ago Witold Zembaczynski – entrepreneur and local government official, political scientist by education, member of the Sejm of the 8th and 9th term, deputy head of Nowoczesna.

The list closes Tomasz Kostuś in 24th place – member of the Sejm of the 8th and 9th term, former vice-marshal of the Opole Voivodeship. A graduate of political science at the University of Opole.

You can find everything about the elections HERE

Elections 2023. Candidates of the German Minority to the Sejm – district no. 21

He took first place Ryszard Galla, member of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland since 2005. He serves as deputy chairman of the National and Ethnic Minorities Committee, and is a member of the Public Finance Committee and the Local Government and Regional Policy Committee. He is vice-chairman of the Polish-German Parliamentary Group. From 1999 to 2005, he served as deputy voivodeship marshal. In 2002, he held the position of voivodeship marshal for several months. In 2015, he received the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany for his services to Polish-German reconciliation and activities for the development of the German minority in Poland.


Author:Paulina Brylak, Piotr Kozanecki

Main photo source: tvn24

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