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Elections in France. The Prime Minister has announced his resignation. What will happen next?

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In keeping with post-election custom in France, Prime Minister Gabriel Attal announced that he would resign from his position on Monday. President Emmanuel Macron now has an important decision to make: he must decide who he will appoint as the new head of government. The new parliament will convene on July 18.

The second round took place on Sunday elections parliamentary in France. It is customary for the head of government to resign from the president after the election, even if his political party wins the election. However, this is a custom, not a legal requirement. It is up to the head of state to decide whether to accept the resignation.

French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal announced on Sunday after the first results were announced that on Monday morning will hand over his resignation to the president Emmanuel Macron. He added that he would hold office as long as necessary.

Macron will appoint a prime minister, but he is not bound by a specific date. Only one specific date is known for now: the new parliament will convene on July 18. On that day, the 577 deputies of the National Assembly will gather for the first plenary session, inaugurating the work of the new parliament. They will also elect the president of the chamber.

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Emmanuel Macron after voting in the second round of electionsPAP/EPA/MOHAMMED BADRA/POOL

The right to appoint the prime minister belongs to the head of state, who cannot fail to take into account the shape of the new parliament and risk that the government appointed would encounter a vote of no confidence. In previous cases, when a different political camp won, French presidents always appointed the prime minister from the political party that brought the most deputies to parliament.

After announcing the poll results, the Elysee Palace announced that the French president Emmanuel Macron is currently analyzing the latest election results and will wait for the new parliament to “take the necessary structure” in order to “take the necessary decisions.” It also assured that “the president, as guarantor of our institutions, will respect the choice of the French people,” the statement added.

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French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal to resign PAP/EPA/VALENTINA CAMU

No party won an absolute majority

In Sunday's second round of elections, no party won absolute majorityamounting to 289 seats. In such a case, different political camps can agree on forming a majority. The president should appoint a prime minister from such a coalition.

The distribution of seats in the 577-member chamber was reported by the daily “Le Monde”, citing data from the Ministry of Interior.

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The left-wing coalition won 182 mandates in the 577-seat chamber. In second place is the political camp of President Emmaniel Macron, who has 168 seats. The far-right National Rally received 143 seats in parliament.

Euphoria after the announcement of the results of the second round of elections in FranceReuters


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