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Elections in Germany. CDU head Armin Laschet comments on the election results

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Parliamentary elections were held in Germany on Sunday. The two main parties – the SPD and the CDU / CSU union – achieved almost equal results. Armin Laschet, the leader of the CDU and the party’s candidate for chancellor, pointed out that for the first time in history, the participation of three groups would be required to form a government. – We will do everything to create a federal government led by the CDU / CSU union – he declared in his speech.

Filled exit poll results carried out for ARD television, announced before 7 p.m., are as follows:

SPD – 24.9 percent;
CDU / CSU – 24.7 percent;
Greens – 14.8 percent;
FDP – 11.2 percent;
AFD – 11.3 percent;
Left – 5 percent.

Another exit poll was published by ZDF:

SPD – 25.8 percent;
CDU / CSU – 24.2 percent;
Greens – 14.7 percent;
FDP – 11.8 percent;
AFD – 10.1 percent;
Left – 5 percent.

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Armin Laschet in the CDU / CSU headquartersPAP / EPA / SEAN GALLUP

Laschet: We will do everything we can to form a government led by the CDU / CSU

– We have to set the crossovers for the new years. No party is able to cope with it on its own – said Armin Laschet, candidate for the chancellor of the CDU / CSU, in his speech after the announcement of the election results. He added that for the first time in history, the government will have to form three groups.

– We will do everything to create a federal government led by the CDU / CSU union, because for Germany it is a coalition of the future that will modernize this country and ensure sustainable development. We need responsibility for future generations. (…) We need a coalition that will be open to the world – said Laschet.

Sunday’s election result is the worst in history for the Christian Democrats. CDU general secretary Paul Ziemak commented that the election failures are bitter, but the result of both rival parties is similar. It will be a long night, said Ziemak. – The numbers show that it is possible to create a coalition of the Union (CDU / CSU), the Greens and the FDP – he added in an interview with ARD television after the results of the post-election polls were announced.

Main photo source: PAP / EPA / SEAN GALLUP

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