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Elections to the European Parliament 2024. Krzysztof Śmiszek about his possible candidacy

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If the state cannot cope, we need the European Union to intervene, said Krzysztof Śmiszek, a Leftist politician and deputy minister of justice, on TVN24, listing a number of issues that his party will raise in the upcoming election campaign. When asked whether he would run for the European Parliament himself, he replied: – We'll see, if I'm useful, I'm available.

Śmiszek in “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24 was asked about the Left's result in the local elections. – Nobody will deny reality. The Left's result at the provincial level was not the best, he admitted. – We have not mobilized those who gave us parliamentary mandates in October 2023, i.e. young people. We estimate that 250,000 young people simply stayed at home and did not think it was worth going to the polls and voting in local elections, he said.

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Śmiszek about the European elections

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He also talked about the upcoming European elections. – I will tell you why I am on the Left and why it is worth voting for the Left. It drives me crazy that under PiS, things were supposed to be better for Polish families, and last year the number of children starving or below the subsistence level was 400,000. Almost two million Poles have less than PLN 23 a day to live on. What pisses me off is that over two million Poles live in an apartment without a bathroom, emphasized Śmiszek.

– This is the achievement of Law and Justice and that is what the Left is for, to deal with such matters. To talk about a large housing construction program. Yes, this is a topic for the European elections. Yes, this is a task for the European Union. We will talk about human rights, we will talk about women's rights, we will talk about the minimum wage – he enumerated.

– It pisses me off that as an LGBT person in Poland you can still get hit in the head in the street. Every other day I get insulted or spat on in the tram. It pisses me off that women in Poland today still don't have the same rights. This is also an issue for the European Parliament. This is also an issue for the European institutions. Because if the state cannot cope, it means that we need the intervention of the European Union – added the deputy minister.

Will he run for the European Parliament? Śmiszek: we'll see, I'm available

When asked whether he would run for the European Parliament himself, he replied: – We'll see, I'm available.

– I am in the party, and the party is a place where you have to listen to each other and perform tasks. If I am useful in this campaign, in these European Parliament elections, I am available – added Śmiszek.

As he said, since he became deputy minister, “he has been doing nothing else but negotiating with the European Commission, dealing with European affairs, negotiating with the Commission.”

– I know well that in the European Parliament we need specialists who can talk to European institutions – he emphasized.

Main photo source: TVN24

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