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Elections to the European Parliament in Mazovia. Jacek Kurski's defeat

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Law and Justice – 49.17 percent, Civic Coalition – 23.81 percent, Confederation – 12.94 percent, Third Way – 9.10 percent, Left – 3.25 percent. – these are the results in the European Parliament elections in the Masovian Voivodeship, excluding Warsaw and the surrounding area. Andrzej Halicki from KO had the best result, the biggest loser is Jacek Kurski from PiS, who did not win a seat despite being second on the list.

District number 5 covers most of the Masovian Voivodeship, excluding Warsaw and surrounding counties. The results were published on the website of the National Electoral Commission on Monday after 4 a.m.


PiS with the best result in Mazovia

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In this district, 718,391 out of 1,906,952 voters went to the polls, which resulted in turnout 37.91 percent. PiS won the elections in this district, with 49.17% of votes cast. voters, i.e. 353,247 people. In second place was the Civic Coalition, which won 23.81 percent. support, i.e. 171,044 votes. Next came Konfederacja, which gathered 12.94 percent. support – 92,949 votes.

The next place was taken by Trzecia Droga, supported by 9.10 percent. voters, i.e. 65,399 people. 3.25 percent voters voted for the Left, which translates into 23,383 votes. 0.7%, i.e. 5,000 people, voted for the Nonpartisan Local Government.

Next came the “Voice of a Strong Poland” committees with 0.3 percent support. (2,167 votes), “Normal Country” with support of 0.22 percent. votes (1,596 votes), “Polexit” with support of 0.2 percent. (1,447 votes), “Ruch Polski Repair” also with 0.2 percent. (1,426 votes) and “Polska Liberalna Strajk Przedsiębiorców”, for which 733 people voted, which translated into 0.1 percent. support.

Kurski failed, Ozdoba jumped over him

The best result among the candidates was achieved by the leader of the KO list by a large margin Andrzej Halicki, for which 129,401 people voted. In second place was the leader of the PiS list Adam Bielan with 90,690 votes. The third candidate was the fifth-place PiS candidate Jacek Ozdoba, which was supported by 54,327 people. “Two” on the PiS list, former TVP head Jacek Kurski received 32,222 votes.

PiS MP Maria Koc and the candidate from the first place on the Confederation's list also achieved good results Rafał Foryś.

The National Electoral Commission has not yet confirmed who won the seat, but the Ipsos late poll shows that the following people will get into the European Parliament: Andrzej Halicki, Adam Bielan, Jacek Ozdoba. Rafał Foryś's mandate is still uncertain.

Main photo source: Leszek Szymański / PAP

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