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Electoral Code. PiS wants changes in the regulations. The Sejm against the motion to reject the draft amendment in the first reading

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The deputies spoke against the rejection of the amendment to the Electoral Code proposed by PiS deputies in the first reading. This means that the project will be considered by the committee. Among others, some parliamentarians of Solidarna Polska voted in favor of abandoning further work on the project. Most deputies from the clubs of the Polish-PSL Coalition and the Left abstained from voting. If the entire opposition had voted against the project, which many of its representatives had criticized, it would have gone to the bin.

On Wednesday, the Sejm held its first reading draft amendment to the Electoral Code by PiS. According to the originators, it is mainly about increasing the turnout in the elections, the opposition doubts the intentions of the ruling camp and sees the project mainly as an attempt to mobilize its own electorate in the face of less favorable opinion polls.

PiS changes the Election Code to increase turnout? Yes, but not everywhere

The motion to reject the bill in the first reading was announced by the representative Civic Coalition Robert Kropiwnicki during Wednesday’s first reading. 163 MPs voted for the motion, 218 were against it, and 63 abstained. 16 MPs did not vote.

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First reading of the MP’s bill amending the Electoral Code and some other acts. Motion to reject the draft in the first reading.sejm.gov.pl

This means that the bill will now be considered by the parliamentary committee.

If all opposition deputies present in the room voted against the changes to the Electoral Code, the draft would be thrown away.

Part of Solidarna Polska for rejecting the project

Among the 163 deputies voting for the motion – i.e. for throwing the project into the trash – there were 124 from the KO, 11 from the Confederation, 7 from Poland 2050, 6 from the Left, 3 from the PPS and an independent MP Paweł Szramka.

Eight MPs from the PiS club were also in favor of rejecting the project. They were primarily politicians associated with Solidarna Polska: Tadeusz Cymański, Norbert Kaczmarczyk, Sebastian Kaleta, Janusz Kowalski, Marcin Warchoł, Tadeusz Woźniak and Michał Wójcik, as well as PiS MP Teresa Hałas.

212 PiS deputies voted against the proposal – that is, for further work on the project. Also against were: Marek Sawicki and Zbigniew Ziejewski from KP/PSLStanisław Żuk from Kukiz’15, deputies from the Polish Affairs circle Zbigniew Girzyński and Agnieszka Ścigaj and independent deputy Zbigniew Ajchler.

They abstained from voting

63 deputies abstained – among them 38 deputies of the Left, 16 deputies of the Polish-PSL Coalition, 5 deputies of the Agreement, Jarosław Sachajko from Kukiz’15 and two independent deputies – Ryszard Galla from the German minority and Wojciech Maksymowicz, also one PiS deputy – Jan abstained Booby. 16 deputies did not participate in the vote.

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