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Electric cars. Home charging stations, financing from the My Electricity 4.0 program

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As part of the fourth edition of the “My Electricity” program, the government will add not only photovoltaics, but also home charging stations for electric cars. The program is to start in the first quarter of 2022. Material from the “Report” program on TVN Turbo.

Until now, the Ministry of Climate and Environment has not added to home charging stations. But that is about to change. Under the “My Electricity 4.0” program, the government wants to subsidize home car chargers. Such devices currently cost from a few to even several thousand zlotys, and their parameters, for example power, change along with the price.

– Chargers for electricians are not so expensive today that they need to be subsidized, but it will certainly be a step in the direction that the government could want to achieve, i.e. increasing the number of electric cars in Polish homes – said Bartłomiej Derski from the Wysokienapiecie portal .pl.

Research shows that it is at home that electricians usually charge their cars. – Most trends say that in fact we assume that 60 percent of electric cars are charged at home, only 30 percent say that we will do it at work, and only 10 percent of users decide to use a public charger – pointed out Radosław Kitala from Arval Mobility Observatory. Similar observations were made in other countries where electromobility is more popular than in Poland.

According to the Mobility Counter, launched by the Polish Alternative Fuels Association and the Polish Automotive Industry Association, 31,633 electric passenger cars were driving on Polish roads at the end of September 2021.

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“My Electricity 4.0” program

The new edition of the priority program “My Current 4.0” is planned for the beginning of next year. – As in the case of the previous edition of the “My Electricity” program, it will be a reimbursement mechanism. The start of recruitment in the “My Current 4.0” program is planned for the first quarter of 2022 – said Aleksander Brzózka, press spokesman for the Ministry of Climate and Environment.

The specific amounts and rules of co-financing are not yet known. It is known, however, that the budget of the program is to amount to approx. PLN 1 billion.

The Ministry announced on its website that the program – in the new version – will continue to be addressed to natural persons who have concluded a comprehensive agreement with the Distribution Network Operator. “Both the simple form and the ease of submitting the application will be maintained. The beneficiaries of the previous editions of the ‘My Electricity’ and ‘ Clean Air “, explained the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

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