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Electric cars. The most modern charging station in Zielona Góra

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The number of electric vehicle charging stations in Poland has exceeded 2,000. The most modern of them is located in Zielona Góra. There are five stations waiting for drivers with charging powers from 50 to 150 kilowatts (kW), and even a rest area. Material from the “Report” program on TVN Turbo.

Łukasz Byśkiniewicz, TVN Turbo journalist, pointed out that inside such a station we can feel like at an ordinary gas station, and during our charging we can constantly watch the TV screen on which we have the charging details. – For example, our car needs 18 minutes to be fully charged, but if we want to charge this car longer, we need more time, this is a rest zone for electric vehicle users – indicated Byśkiniewicz.

Electric vehicle charging stations

At the station, we can charge all cars, except for large trucks, “because these conditions do not allow it” – said Bartosz Kubik, CEO of Ekoenergetyka.

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Payment for charging can be made at the automatic checkout or traditionally at the normal checkout. – Self-service must also be simple, at our stations we do not require any previous cards or loyalty systems. In fact, everyone who comes can refuel, has a displayed price for charging and simply pays directly after refueling – explained Kubik. There is a pylon at the entrance with the price per kilowatt of charging.

This is the first station of this type in Poland. The second one is to be built in Warsaw this fall. – By 2025, we want to build another 100 such locations, and by 2030 – 300 such locations, mainly including trucks – announced Bartosz Kubik.

According to the data of the Polish Automotive Industry Association and the Polish Alternative Fuels Association, at the end of May this year. In Poland, there were 2,190 publicly accessible charging stations for electric vehicles (4,253 points). On the other hand, 46 676 electric passenger cars were driving on Polish roads.

Main photo source: TVN Turbo

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