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Electric scooters. What can and what can’t? Powers, obligations, bans and parking

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Powers, obligations, bans and parking. The police remind you of the basic safety rules that apply to users of electric scooters.

As the policemen note, sunny weather and congested streets encourage the use of this alternative means of transport. Proponents of electric scooter travel must remember, however, that this involves knowing and applying the regulations. The police reminds you of the most important safety rules and explains the basic terms.

Electric scooter – an electrically driven, two-axle vehicle with a steering wheel, without a seat and pedals, structurally designed to be moved only by the driver on this vehicle.


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People aged 10 to 18 to ride an electric scooter must have a bicycle card or a driving license of categories AM, A1, B1, T. Children aged up to 10 may only move around in the residential area under the supervision of an adult. Adults do not need any license to drive an electric scooter.

There is no longer an American woman on e-scooters, the police intervene (May 13, 2022)TVN24


The driver of the electric scooter is obliged to: – use the road for bicycles or the lane for bicycles, if they are designated for the direction in which he is moving or intends to turn; – use the road on which vehicles are allowed to travel at a speed not exceeding 30 km/h; – signal with a turn signal, and in the absence of one – by stretching out your hand towards the intended change of direction or lane; – keep a safe distance – not less than one meter when overtaking selected road users (bicycle, bicycle cart, moped, motorcycle, electric scooter, UTO – personal transport device; UWR – device supporting movement, e.g. roller skates, roller skates; regular scooter, column of pedestrians );

In the event that there is no separate road for bicycles and a lane for bicycles, the driver may exceptionally use the pavement or pedestrian road, when the pavement is located along the roadway, on which the movement of vehicles is allowed at a speed of more than 30 km/h with observance of the following rules:
– driving at a speed close to the speed of a pedestrian; – taking special care; – giving way to pedestrians and not hindering pedestrian traffic.


Recipes forbid– driving a scooter to a person who is intoxicated or after using alcohol or a substance having an effect similar to alcohol; – transport other people, animals and objects with the electric scooter; – pulling or towing other vehicles with the electric scooter; – clinging to vehicles; – driving on the road next to another traffic participant; – pulling the UTO driver, a person using the UWR, a person on a sledge or other similar device, an animal or a load behind the vehicle.

The new tariff also applies to intoxicated scooter users (illustration photo)TVN24

Scooter parking

The Police also remind you that it is allowed to park on the sidewalk in a place intended for this, and in the absence of such a place – as close as possible to the outer edge of the sidewalk, farthest from the road and parallel to this edge, provided that there is no ban on parking or stopping there , and also the width of the sidewalk left for pedestrians is not less than 1.5 meters.

“We appeal for common sense and mutual respect on the road. Let driving be only a pleasure, not a cause of tragedy,” the police said in a statement.

Main photo source: TVN24

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