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Electricity prices 2023. Consumption limits. Applications to energy companies. [TERMIN]

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Only until June 30, applications can be submitted to energy companies to increase the electricity consumption limit at a frozen price – reminds the Polish Electricity Committee. This applies to households with people with disabilities and holders of the Large Family Card.

In 2023, households in Poland benefit from the freeze electricity prices at the 2022 price level. Rates are frozen up to the consumption threshold of 2000 kWh of energy and no documents need to be submitted.

“There are also higher limits – up to 3000 kWh – but to be able to use them, it is necessary to submit a special application. The deadline expires at the end of June” – reminds PKEE.

Subsidies for higher electricity consumption

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As PKEE explains, this applies to households with people with disabilities, holders of the Large Family Card or farmers.

“If there is a person with a disability in a given household, then the limit of energy consumption at a preferential price is 2,600 kWh. In the case of farmers and holders of the Large Family Card, this limit is 3,000 kWh” – we read.

However, it is necessary to submit a relevant statement to the energy seller. PKEE declares that “all sellers make such requests available on their websites”.

However, you should hurry because the deadline for submitting applications is June 30.

Limit exceeded

PKEE reminds that households whose annual electricity consumption exceeds the limit they are entitled to will benefit from the maximum prices introduced in the so-called shield. This means that after exceeding the limit, they will pay no more than PLN 0.69 per 1 kWh. An additional discount can be obtained by households that reduce their electricity consumption by at least 10% in the period from October 1, 2022 to December 31, 2023. It will be a 10% reduction of the entire annual electricity bill, which will be settled in 2024.

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