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Electricity prices 2024. Paulina Hennig-Kloska: government decision this month

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The government will make a decision on electricity prices by the end of the month, said the Minister of Climate and Environment, Paulina Hennig-Kloska, in the “Rozmowa Piaseckiego” program on TVN24. She emphasized that the currently planned solutions cover the second half of 2024.

Paulina Hennig-Kloska explained that the maximum price of electricity is to be set at PLN 500/MWh. The solution is to apply to the second half of the year.

– At the moment, the act is being processed at the level of the Standing Committee of the Council of Ministers and the government will make a decision (on the project) by the end of the month – announced the minister.

When asked how long energy prices will be frozen, she replied: – At the moment we are planning the second half of the year, the next (period – editor) will be planned together with the next budget act. She added that “decisions will have to be made with her.”

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– Prices have dropped on the market, there is room to reduce tariffs also for households. However, some energy companies, but also some entities in the economy, such as hospitals, entered into longer contracts at higher prices. Therefore, this exit period must be longer, in stages – said the minister.

Hennig-Kloska emphasized that the ministry's goal is to “create electricity prices in such a way that they are acceptable to society.”

She said that the solution proposed by the ministry contains two elements – a maximum price “which is intended to stabilize the situation of hospitals, enterprises, households, local government units, small and medium-sized enterprises” and an energy voucher to “fight energy poverty.”

– It is planned for 3.5 million lower-income households. He will compensate for the small raise, she said.

Frozen electricity prices

At the end of 2023, an act was passed which maintains the current rules for protecting specific electricity consumers in the first half of 2024. The regulations provide for, among others: maximum electricity prices for households at the level of PLN 412 per MWh net up to the specified consumption limit. The limits are 1.5 MWh for all households, 1.8 MWh for households with people with disabilities, 2 MWh for families with the Large Family Card.

Once a household exceeds its consumption limit, it pays a fixed maximum price PLN 693 per MWh. The same maximum price is paid by micro, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs.

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