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Electricity prices in Poland. Climate department: electricity purchase costs on your bills

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The Ministry of Climate and Environment proposes that electricity sellers include the costs of energy purchases in the information for consumers. The ministry justifies that consumers should be reliably informed about the reasons for the increases in electricity prices.

The cost of purchasing energy on the bills – the project

The ministry presented a project to change the so-called electricity tariff regulation. According to the proposal of the so-called obligated sellers whose customers use tariffs approved by the President of ERO will include additional points on the costs of purchasing electricity in the settlement accompanying the energy bills.


Electricity consumers should be informed in a transparent and understandable manner about the increase in prices or rates of charges for the supplied electricity, which were approved in the tariff decision – underlined in the Regulatory Impact Assessment.

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Purchase costs

The draft specifies that among these costs, the seller is to present the average costs of purchasing CO2 emission allowances and the costs of purchasing energy from small renewable energy installations and from agricultural biogas installations.

As recalled in the justification, the law requires energy companies to provide reliable information on prices and rates applied in tariffs for the sale and distribution of electricity.

In particular, this information obligation is important in the case of planned increases in electricity prices and rates, it was underlined. For consumers, information about the cost structure that affects the final price of electricity is particularly important – it was also indicated.


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