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Electricity prices. Pomerania: local government officials warn against increases in electricity prices – Mieczysław Struk comments

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The price of electricity for self-government units of the Pomeranian Voivodeship is to increase by 68.8 percent – said the Marshal of the Pomeranian Voivodeship, Mieczysław Struk, during a press conference on Friday. As he emphasized, “all Pomeranian residents will lose out.” – The result of rising electricity prices may be the necessity to increase the prices of train tickets or admission to theaters and museums – pointed out the marshal.

A press conference devoted to electricity prices was organized in front of the headquarters of Energa in Gdańsk. It was attended by: Marshal of the Pomeranian Voivodeship Mieczysław Struk, MEP Janusz Lewandowski, senator Ryszard Świlski, vice-president of Sopot Marcin Skwierawski, as well as staroste of Malbork Mirosław Czapla and vice-mayor of Rumia Piotr Wittbrodt.

Marshal Struk spoke about the growing budget expenses related to the more expensive electricity. – In the current tender for the purchase of electricity for 2022 for our units, we received an offer from Energi Obrót SA We are to pay PLN 501 for 1 megawatt hour (MWh) of capacity. While this year we paid less than PLN 297. This is an increase of over 68.8 percent – enumerated the marshal.

He added that next year the cost of purchasing electricity for a purchasing group of 43 Pomeranian self-government units will amount to over PLN 9.1 million, i.e. by 41 percent. more than this year.


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Electricity prices

– The costs related to the daily operation of hospitals managed by the provincial government will increase by 45 percent. In turn, the energy costs of the Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway will increase by approximately 39 percent. And the activities of cultural units will be associated with more than 33 percent higher costs – he said.

The cost of energy price increases will fall on citizens, he said. – All the inhabitants of Pomerania will lose out on this. The effect of rising electricity prices may be the necessity to increase the prices of train tickets or admission to theaters and museums. Hospitals, which are already in a financial collapse, will aggravate their difficult situation – said Mieczysław Struk.

Marcin Skwierawski also took the floor, calculating that Sopot would pay PLN 3 million more for energy. – This is the cost of a new nursery, kindergarten or a dozen or so council flats – explained the vice-president of Sopot. – This is an example of putting pressure on local governments, starving local governments. The increase in energy prices triggers a domino effect, communal services will become more expensive, and residents will be losing out, he added.

– Let us be clear – increases and shifting costs onto us is nothing more than destroying the local government – emphasized Mirosław Czapla, the starost of Malbork,

Energa “has become an instrument of party activities”

As Janusz Lewandowski said, high prices are a topic of conversation in many Polish families. He also referred to the way Energa is managed. – Energa started a good change with the fight behind the wind farms and destroyed many businesses in Pomerania. As of 2015, the company had eleven presidents. Such a personal merry-go-round does not have a positive effect on the perception of the company, stressed the PO MEP.

Senator Ryszard Świlski pointed out that Energa has been treated as a champion of the Polish economy for many years. – Today we can’t say that anymore. Unfortunately, Energa has become an instrument of party activities. Energa has invested significant amounts in Polska Grupa Górnicza, which – as the company’s authorities admitted – resulted in a loss of almost PLN 400 million. One should also remember about the construction of block C at the Ostrołęka power plant, started by the PiS government, and then abandoned. Many experts said from the very beginning that this investment was unjustified and unprofitable – said the politician of KO.

Electricity prices for households

In the case of companies and local governments, electricity prices are set on an arm’s length basis. This is not the case for most households. Here, the tariffs are approved by the Energy Regulatory Office.

The President of the Energy Regulatory Office, Rafał Gawin, in an interview with “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna” recently admitted that also individual customers are waiting for electricity price increases next year. – These will not be increases reflecting the level of inflation, but much higher. There are different numbers and we are actually moving on a two-digit level rather than a single-digit one, ‘he said.

In September, the president of Enea Paweł Szczeszek announced that the company would apply for an increase in the energy tariff for households and would be interested in increasing it by nearly 40 percent.

Also Tauron – as President of the Tauron Sprzedaż company Rafał Soja said during the session of the 13th European Economic Congress in Katowice – is currently preparing a tariff application, taking into account “objective factors” determining the expected increase in electricity prices. The CEO did not reveal what increase Tauron intends to apply for.

Electricity prices for households – surcharges

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki declared last week that in 2022, the government will allocate at least PLN 1.5 billion for electricity subsidies, but adding that “in budget calculations, even expenses of between PLN 3 and 5 billion are allowed.”

According to the head of government, even the first amount, i.e. PLN 1.5 billion, will allow poorer families to absorb the increase in costs related to the increase in electricity prices.

In a reply sent to TVN24 Biznes, the Ministry of Climate and Environment announced that the new solution should benefit approx. 2.6 million households that are in a more difficult income situation, i.e. 19 percent. households.

The new energy allowance is to cover the most sensitive households, whose monthly income does not exceed PLN 1,563 in a single-person household and PLN 1,115 / person. in a multi-person household.

The climate ministry has handed overthat the assumptions of the electricity subsidy project assume that the support will apply in the years 2022-2031. The amount of the subsidies is to vary from PLN 324 to PLN 876 per year.

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