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Electricity prices. PSL proposes a VAT reduction on electricity

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An increase in electricity prices seems inevitable. The Polish People’s Party proposed to lower VAT on electricity from 23 to 8 percent. – We are looking for solutions that will ease the budgets of Poles – said Mieczysław Kasprzak, MP of the People’s Party.

MP Mieczysław Kasprzak said at a press conference in the Sejm on Tuesday that we have been witnessing a sharp increase in electricity prices for some time. – This translates into an increase in the prices of services or products in the store, and all Poles will pay for it – emphasized the PSL MP.


Electricity prices – PSL comments

Kasprzak pointed out that the increase in electricity prices is recorded throughout Europe, but – as he said – “unfortunately, Poland is the infamous leader of this ranking”. – We are looking for solutions that will ease Poles’ budgets, therefore we propose a VAT reduction on electricity from 23 to 8 percent. This is a simple solution that will fight the price tag and may be introduced at the next session of the Sejm – said the PSL MP.

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MP Andrzej Grzyb emphasized that the increase in electricity prices and the increase in the prices of energy carriers, including fuels, are very significant in the basket of Poles’ expenses. – This is also an inflation impulse, and according to the latest data, this inflation was over 5.8 percent in September – said the PSL MP.

– We have not yet received an answer to the question: what is the PiS government going to do with the high prices and therefore we are submitting this bill, which in the first step concerns stopping the increase in electricity prices – Grzyb noted. In his opinion, many other EU countries also propose such solutions.

Electricity prices – surcharges

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki declared during the Friday broadcast on Facebook that in 2022, the government will allocate at least PLN 1.5 billion for electricity subsidies, but adding that “in budget calculations, even expenses of between PLN 3 and 5 billion are allowed.”

According to the head of government, even the first amount, i.e. PLN 1.5 billion, will allow poorer families to absorb the increase in costs related to the increase in electricity prices.

In a reply sent to TVN24 Biznes, the Ministry of Climate and Environment announced that the new solution should benefit about 2.6 million households that are in a more difficult income situation, i.e. 19 percent. households.

The new energy allowance is to cover the most sensitive households, whose monthly income does not exceed PLN 1,563 in a single-person household and PLN 1,115 / person. in a multi-person household.

Electricity prices in 2022 – how much will they increase?

In September, the president of Enea Paweł Szczeszek announced that the company would apply for an increase in the energy tariff for households and would be interested in increasing it by nearly 40 percent.

Also Tauron – as the president of Tauron Sprzedaż, Rafał Soja, said during the session of the 13th European Economic Congress in Katowice – is currently preparing a tariff application that takes into account “objective factors” determining the expected increase in electricity prices. The CEO did not reveal what increase Tauron intends to apply for.

– We want to minimize the effects of what is happening in the wholesale market for the recipients. I think that it will finally be visible in our application and in the final decisions that will be made in connection with shaping prices for households in 2022 – declared Rafał Soja.

According to the information obtained by TVN24 Biznes, new tariff applications from companies have not yet been submitted to the Energy Regulatory Office.

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