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Electricity prices. Subsidies, support for the poorest. Deputy Minister of Climate Piotr Dziadzio on the parliamentary committee

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A draft law should appear in the coming days to support the poorest energy recipients – said Piotr Dziadzio, Deputy Minister of Climate and Environment on Tuesday. During the deliberations of the Sejm committee, he also explained who would be able to count on funding.

– The Ministry of Climate and Environment is responsible for introducing solutions that could protect the poorest recipients. We are working intensively on such an act. I think it will see the light of day in the next few days. He is still in some internal consultations – said Dziadzio during the parliamentary committee on energy, climate and state assets.

Electricity price increases. Broadcast of the parliamentary committee on TVN24 GO

As the deputy minister informed, the project provides that the support will apply to people who receive housing supplement, permanent benefit, periodic benefit, pensioners with a benefit below the minimum retirement age, old age and disability pensioners with a benefit equal to the lowest retirement pension, Big Family Card holders who fall within the first tax threshold. and currently bringing up three children, people with the lowest incomes in accordance with the recommendations of the World Bank (as included in the Clean Air program, i.e. for multi-person households, PLN 890 per person, for single-person PLN 1,250 per person).

Support for the poorest

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Last week, the Minister of Climate and the Environment, Michał Kurtyka, told PAP that granting support to the poorest electricity consumers will depend, among others, on on income, the number of household members, as well as the condition of the building. He then added that work on legal solutions in this case was nearing the end.

– The act is at the final stage of finalizing the works as regards the entry to the list of works of the Council of Ministers and – as soon as it is published – we will immediately consult it – said Kurtyka at the time.

He emphasized that the scope of support “is analyzed in terms of social and income groups and the number of people in the household”.

Minister Kurtyka also informed that the provisions on the protection of vulnerable customers against energy price increases are to apply from 2022.

The budget for support is to be increased

Earlier “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna” wrotethat due to the energy crisis in Europe, the originally planned budget to support the poorest electricity consumers in Poland is to be increased.

“It can be counted in billions, although it is to be lower than in the case of the freezing of electricity prices in 2019, which cost the budget about PLN 5 billion” – the newspaper reported. She added that the new solutions would be entitled to “less than 10 percent”. customers instead of the previously announced 6 percent. “The support project by the Ministry of Climate may be subject to further changes. It is possible to extend it to include gas consumers” – reported “DGP”.

Last week, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced at the EU summit in Slovenia that he would propose “to the Council of Ministers and the Sejm solutions that would also be protective solutions for those who would be hit hardest by the increase in energy prices caused by the EU climate policy”.

He said that the topic of energy prices and climate policy will also be discussed in detail at the next EU summits.

What about compensation?

Deputy Prime Minister Jacek Sasin earlier in December 2019 promised that energy prices for individual consumers in 2020 would not increase. – Increase for individual recipients will not be – he assured. Meanwhile, the bills have risen.

At the same time, a concept of compensation for pay rises appeared in the government. IN “Piasecki’s Conversations” on TVN24 Minister Sasin explained that “the rule will be that after the end of the year, when (…) we will be able to determine how much more the Polish family has paid for electricity, we will compensate for this difference.” The act has not yet been adopted.

Sasin’s comments on compensation for electricity price increases13.01 | Jacek Sasin, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State Assets, on compensation for increases in electricity prices.TVN24, Radio Zet, RMF FM

In May 2021, when asked about the promised compensation for energy price increases, the deputy prime minister stated that the Ministry of State Assets under his management prepared a draft law on compensation, but the competence in this matter was transferred to the Ministry of Climate and Environment.

At the time, he argued that the Ministry of Climate was constantly working on preparing proposals with rational solutions, consisting in the fact that this support would go to the people in need who were actually most affected by the increases.

The Ministry of Climate and Environment later explained the withdrawal of the project prepared by the MAP in response to TVN24 Biznes’s questions: “It was decided that it was necessary to develop a systemic solution with a long-term horizon, focused on the needs of the most sensitive electricity consumers.” So far, however, no new project has been presented.

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