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Electronics and household appliances – the most and least popular devices in Poland

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More than 63 percent of Poles should pay a TV subscription – at least that’s what the Central Statistical Office data shows, because that’s how many people have a TV at home. In recent years, there have been more and more washing machines and dishwashers in Polish households, according to the HRE Investments report.

“In 2021, only one person in 71 did not have a mobile phone in Poland – according to data from the Central Statistical Office. Such a situation is hardly surprising, because today hardly anyone can or wants to afford such extravagance. A lot has changed in this regard over the last few years. In 2003, less than half of Poles had a mobile phone in their pocket.

Telephone, washing machine, laptop, car

Analysts reported that in 2021, washing machines were equipped in about 95 percent. households. “Among the most popular equipment, apart from a washing machine and a mobile phone, we also find laptops, cars and microwave ovens. This may suggest that Poles are eager to buy equipment that saves time or makes free time more pleasant” – they wrote.

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As for the washing machine, it is now almost 20 points higher. percent more houses than in 2003. “We will notice an even greater increase in popularity in the case of microwave ovens or dishwashers. At the beginning of the 21st century, only a quarter of Poles used fast food heating. Several years later, this percentage more than doubled. Poles are also moving away from traditional dishwashing. with the greatest dynamics. In 2003, there was a dishwasher in only 3% of households. Today, almost half of Poles outsource washing dishes to a machine. The popularity of dishwashers is probably boosted by the fact that this device can use relatively little water, which results in lower bills” – it was written in report.

The popularity of laptops is also growing, which are now owned by over 2/3 of Poles. “Compared to 2003, this means an almost 3-fold increase. This probably also comes as no surprise to anyone. The increase in the popularity of personal computers results from technological development. Laptops can also be used to watch TV, series or movies, and it may seem that they replace these functions traditional TV sets.

They added that “the growing wealth of society is also reflected in the number of cars owned by Poles”, and “their popularity is currently only slightly lower than that of laptops”. “There have also been major changes in this case. In 2003, just over 4 out of 10 families had a car. Currently, more than 72 percent of households have a car.” – indicated in the report.

More and more popular devicesHRE Investments

Less and less popular devices

“Since we find laptops and mobile phones more and more often in Polish homes, over the years they have displaced TV sets, home cinema sets and DVD players. The situation was probably shaken by the epidemic, which made a few more people want to have a bigger screen at home, but for now it is too early to talk about a trend reversal.

It added that “after 2012, the popularity of TV sets is falling”, because “then it was owned by almost 70 percent of households”, and “in the following years, however, this percentage dropped significantly” and “according to the latest data, the device for receiving television had 63.1 percent of Polish farms”.

More and more popular devicesHRE Investments

However, the greatest decline in popularity concerns DVD players. In 2009, more than half of Poles had this equipment. In just three years, this percentage fell to almost 38 percent. This is probably the result of the increase in the popularity of streaming services. in the case of home cinema, which in 2009 was owned by almost 15% of households, and now slightly more than 10%. – it was written in the report.

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