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Elk. He called the police because “a neighbor stole his wallet.” It cost him 500 zlotys and an apology

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A 50-year-old from Ełk (Warmia-Mazurskie Voivodeship) is to pay PLN 500 for the illegal call of the services, who called the police and said that his neighbor had stolen his wallet. It turned out that the man had a wallet in his pocket.

On Thursday (March 16), a man called the emergency number, who asked for a patrol to come about the theft of his wallet.

“In a conversation with the police, the man indicated that his neighbor stole his wallet, and he demands the police to get it back quickly” – we read on the website of the Warmian-Masurian police.

It turned out that he had a wallet in his pants pocket (illustration photo) Shutterstock

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He didn’t even look for his doom

It turned out, however, that a 50-year-old resident of Ełk, before he accused his neighbor of theft, did not even start looking for his loss and did not check where it might be. Turns out he had his wallet in his pants pocket all the time.

“For causing an unnecessary action, he was fined PLN 500” – we read in the message.

They made sure he apologized to his neighbor

The uniforms, in addition to issuing a ticket to the man, ordered him to apologize to his neighbor. He did so out of remorse.

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“Unjustified calls distract officers from important tasks. Unjustified calls to emergency services are punishable by arrest, restriction of liberty, and fines of up to PLN 1,500” – he reminds.

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