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Elk. It was too cold outside, so they grilled in the stairwell. The barbecue cost them dearly

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In Ełk (Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodeship), two men decided that it was too cold to grill outside. So they moved under the roof of the skyscraper and lit a barbecue in the stairwell. The residents called the authorities. And the feast ended with fines.

Barbecuing is sometimes called the “national sport of Poles” by some people, it can have unpleasant consequences. Especially if you choose a place that is not intended for this May holiday tradition.

This type of event took place in Ełk. According to the police, the 26- and 22-year-olds decided it was too cold outside and lit a barbecue in the staircase of the skyscraper.

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However, they did not have time to eat the prepared snacks, because the concerned residents of the block smelled a strange smell and called the services to the place.

Baking sausages cost them 500 zlotys each

– The policemen came to the place and, despite the men’s explanations, they were not understanding for such behavior. They interrupted the picnic and did not allow them to continue feasting in the stairwell – informs junior asp. Agata Kulikowska de Nałęcz from the police in Ełk.

This grilling is going to cost them a lot. Both received fines of PLN 500.

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