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Elk. The 14-year-old came to Warsaw to see his beloved. As proof, he took out a teddy bear. He had no money, they helped the uniform

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The 14-year-old came from Ełk to Warsaw to meet a girl he met online and fell in love with. The fate of the boy waiting in front of the school became interested in the city guards and policemen who helped him return home.

The attention of the city guards patrolling on Friday morning (February 3) the surroundings of the school at ul. Bartnicza was returned by a teenage boy.

“It was after eight o’clock so school was starting lessons. It struck me that the boy wasn’t at school, he was just hanging around aimlessly. He tried to call somewhere, but to no avail. When he didn’t go to school after a few minutes, we intervened.” – reported inspector Robert Majewski from the 6th Local Department of the Municipal Guard in Warsaw.

The boy’s mother knew everything

The boy explained to the guards that he came to Warsaw from Ełk to a girl he met on the Internet, with whom he is in love. As proof, he took a teddy bear from his backpack, which he intended to give her. The guards asked the 14-year-old to call his mother. In a telephone conversation, the mother confirmed that she knew about her son’s departure and agreed to it, provided that he returned the same day. While waiting for the police to arrive, the boy was clearly worried.

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City guards helped a 14-year-old boy from Ełk (illustration photo)Shutterstock

“I asked what was going on and why he was worried. He replied that he had taken too little money with him and it might not be enough for a ticket. He was missing 10 zlotys” – added inspector Justyna Faltynowska from the Warsaw City Guard, who gave the boy 20 zlotys, for a return ticket home.

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