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Ełk. Two young boys lost their mother in an accident and the police became interested in their fate

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Police officers from Ełk helped two teenagers who lost their mother in a road accident. Klępa was fatally hit by a passenger car. Finally, the animals were taken to a specialized center where they received professional help.

Police officers from Ełk received a report on Monday (May 27) that in the Stare Juchy commune, the driver of a Renault passenger car hit a customer who ran out in front of his car. The animal did not survive. As it turned out, the female was traveling with two cubs.

– When, after a few hours, the police were responding to another road accident near this place, they noticed two small moose that were still confused and wandering nearby. The animals clearly required support, and constant walks on a busy road could have ended tragically for them, said junior officer Agata Kulikowska de Nałęcz from the Ełk police.

Two young moose were wandering along the roadKWP in Olsztyn

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Łoszaki was taken to an animal shelter

The officers asked for help from a veterinarian from Ełk, who arrived on site and organized the transport of young moose to a specialized animal rehabilitation center in Grzędy.

Two young moose were wandering along the roadKWP in Olsztyn

– There, the youngsters will receive professional help so that they can return to their natural environment – added the press officer of the District Police Headquarters in Ełk.

Main photo source: KWP in Olsztyn

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