Elżbieta Witek is the PiS candidate for the Presidium of the Sejm. How the controversial 2021 vote reassessment unfolded


In August 2021 – in the opinion of many lawyers – there was a resumption of voting in violation of the rules of the Sejm. It was about the opposition’s motion to postpone the debate, which was accepted, to PiS’s surprise. The resumption was then ordered by Elżbieta Witek, who is now the PiS candidate for the Presidium of the Sejm. We remind you what happened during the controversial meeting.

On August 11, 2021, during the session of the Sejm at which, among other things, lex TVN was adopted, the Speaker of the Sejm Elżbieta announced that she had received a request for a resumption of the vote on the postponement of the Sejm session, which had previously turned out to be unfavorable to the ruling party. The surprised Marshal Witek did not read the results. “I’m calling a fifteen-minute break,” she said. The request for resumption – as she said – is based on the fact that “no date was given”.

After a two-hour break Elżbieta Witekthen Marshal of the Sejm, resumed the proceedings.

– I sought the opinion of five lawyers who confirmed that this motion (for resumption – ed.) can be voted on at this meeting – she stated. “The fault is clearly mine,” she said. The meeting room could then be heard cries of “fraudsters”, “disgrace” and “how much did you pay”.

Witek: there will be a resumption of votingTVN24

The resumption of the vote was supported by 229 MPs, with one vote against and one abstention. 224 MPs of the Law and Justice Club and two non-affiliated MPs – Zbigniew Ajchler and Łukasz Mejza. This time in line with PiS three Kukiz’15 MPs also voted – Paweł Kukiz, Jarosław Sachajko and Stanisław Żuk.

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Kukiz'15 MPs: we made a mistake while voting

Kukiz’15 MPs: we made a mistake while votingTVN24

Almost none of the opposition politicians participated in the vote.

Request for resumption of voting. Voting in the Sejmsejm.gov.pl

Then, another vote took place on the motion to adjourn the Sejm session. This time, 229 MPs voted “against”, with 225 votes “for” and one abstention. The Sejm therefore resumed its sessions.

Elżbieta Witek in the photo from August 11, 2021Wojciech Olkuśnik/PAP

The reviews were from 2018

Witek, explaining her decision to reconsider, said that it was during a break “sought the opinion of five lawyers” on this topic. A few days later, the Sejm Information Center published the opinions that the Marshal was supposed to “seek”. As it turned out, the opinions came from April 2018. It follows that they were ordered by the Sejm more than three years earlier. The marshal herself showed them during an interview on government television.

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Recap of the vote – Provision of the rules of procedure of the Sejmtvn24.pl

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Sejm Analyzes Office: no order from the Speaker of the Sejm has been received

The Sejm Analyzes Office also commented on the matter, confirming that on August 11, 2021, the Office “did not receive any order from the Speaker of the Sejm, including one the subject of which would be a legal analysis of the regulations relating to the institution of resumption of voting.” “It should be noted that oral consultations are not subject to registration,” BAS added.

Witek, speaking about which lawyers were to advise her during the break, said: – They were officials, employees of the Sejm Research Office, as well as the office of the Speaker of the Sejm. I do not believe that I should publicly disclose the names of officials who are not public figures.

When can resumption be performed?  Translated by Ryszard Piotrowski

When can resumption be performed? Translated by Ryszard PiotrowskiTVN24

Witek is the PiS candidate for the Presidium of the Sejm. Government spokesman: there is no alternative

On Monday, the government spokesman confirmed that Elżbieta Witek will be the candidate of Law and Justice to the Presidium of the Sejm.

When asked if PIS may nominate another candidate, he replied: – We do not foresee such a scenario for now. There is no such alternative discussed at all in our parliamentary group. We are reporting Mrs. Marshal Witek.

Mueller: There is no alternative.  We are reporting Mrs. Marshal Witek

Mueller: There is no alternative. We are reporting Mrs. Marshal WitekTVN24

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Main photo source: Wojciech Olkuśnik/PAP

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