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Email affair. Do politicians learn from their mistakes?

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Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki changed his private e-mail, but did not give up sending messages to private boxes, including to Daniel Obajtek. It turns out that he did not stop this even after the outbreak of war in Ukraine. Material of the magazine “Polska i Świat”.

A month and a half after the war broke out in the territory Ukraine – when civilian buildings were falling from Russian bombs in Ukrainian cities, and information security at the government level was crucial – Mateusz Morawieckiusing a private e-mail, he sends correspondence to Daniel Obajtek – to the private mailbox of the president of Orlen.

Morawiecki informed Obajtek that Yale University is publishing a list of companies that have not yet withdrawn from Russia. Among them are also Polish and state-owned PGNiG, Lotos and Orlen. Morawiecki wrote that he “talked about this to a certain gentleman” and recommends that Iza – the address shows that it is about Izabela Antos, the deputy head of the prime minister’s office – and Daniel become interested in the topic and do something about it, because there will be more and more such publications more. Daniel from the e-mail is supposed to have a good plan – he writes back that they will bend over it.

Gazeta Wyborcza was the first to inform about the case. – Declarations of the government, including Mateusz Morawiecki, that after this scandal they will be more careful, they will submit to security procedures, procedures will be implemented, these were purely PR declarations – says Wojciech Czuchnowski from “GW”.

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Mateusz MorawieckiKrystian Maj/KPRM

Email affair

The e-mail scandal broke out in June 2021, when it turned out that he handled business matters from a private inbox Michal Dworczyk, then head of the office. He corresponded with a number of officials who also used private addresses, including Mateusz Morawiecki.

But after several months, the only action the prime minister took was to change the e-mail address. Not from private to business, but from private “morawiecki” on a foreign server, on “mateusz.morawiecki1941” in the same domain.

– The prime minister should resign – believes Dariusz Joński from the Civic Coalition. – The British prime minister, after using a private e-mail for official purposes, immediately resigned – he recalls.

Leaked e-mail exchange involving Morawiecki

While the exchange of e-mails on the publicly known list of companies can be considered a kind of discussion forum for people in power, the e-mails sent on February 25, 2022, the day after the Russian aggression against free Ukraine, raise concern.

A leaked e-mail exchange began with a message from the director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs addressed to employees of several ministries. This is a request to Poland from the Ukrainian side for support in the field of fuel supplies for the needs of their armed forces. “I support this proposal, if we have the opportunity – let’s support it” – he writes back Marcin Przydaczthen deputy head of the Ministry of Diplomacy.

Prime Minister Morawiecki, using a business e-mail this time, i.e. in accordance with the procedure, sends a short “Pls” – an abbreviation of the English word “please”. But, contrary to the procedures, he sends a reply to Obajtek’s private e-mail. He assures, from a private mailbox, that he is in contact with “Anka Moskva”, the climate minister, and they are working dynamically. This deserved thanks from the Prime Minister and a compliment that he is excellent.

Gawkowski and Cymański about the leak of Morawiecki’s e-mails

– Lack of competence, common sense and, in fact, zero concern for Polish security and classified information. This is a red card for Morawiecki and his government, says Krzysztof Gawkowski from the Left.

When asked whether it is prudent to send e-mails containing information sensitive to the security of Poland and Ukraine outside of intelligence protection, Tadeusz Cymański from Solidarna Polska replied. – Is it prudent or is it a bit reckless? Perhaps it should be said that, because how else to treat it – he said.

The main interested party was not talkative, the president of PKN Orlen did not answer the questions asked by e-mail, which has been preferred for a long time.

Main photo source: Krystian Maj/KPRM

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