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Email affair. The prosecutor’s office launched an investigation into Michał Dworczyk’s e-mails. Maciej Matysiak and Anna Gielewska comment

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The e-mail scandal is far from being clarified – said Anna Gielewska from the Reporters Foundation in “Tak jest”. – It’s hard for me to imagine using such tools to transmit classified data – said reserve colonel Maciej Matysiak, former deputy head of the Military Counterintelligence Service. They both commented on the decision to launch an investigation due to the suspicion that state secrets were revealed in the e-mails exchanged between Michał Dworczyk and Colonel Krzysztof Gaj.

Journalists of tvn24.pl learned that the capital’s prosecutor’s office decided to launch an investigation into the suspicion that e-mail correspondence exchanged by the then head of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, Michał Dworczyk, with his defense advisor, Colonel Krzysztof Gaj state secrets, including those protected by the highest “top secret” clause, were revealed.

Anna Gielewska from the Reporters Foundation and reserve colonel Maciej Matysiak, expert of the STRATPOINTS foundation, former deputy head of SKW, talked about this matter in the Wednesday edition of “Tak jest” on TVN24.

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Email scandal ‘far from clear’

Gielewska noted that “we still do not know the answers to the key questions that the prosecutor’s office still does not answer, namely: who is behind this scandal, what is the real level of knowledge of the Polish services and the Polish prosecutor’s office about this scandal.” She admitted that in her opinion the scandal is “far from being solved”. – The prosecutor’s office for many, many, many months, investigating this story, is still unable to answer the fundamental questions related to the scandal – she repeated.

“Today, the prosecution service should be able to answer many more questions than just, which is of course very important, whether top-secret information has been leaked. But this story has many dimensions: who is behind the leak, who was involved in it, what is the technical evidence, what is the geopolitical function of the whole scandal – she enumerated.

She reminded that in this matter we are dealing with “propaganda statements by politicians” or “what journalists manage to determine”.

Matysiak: breaking all the rules

According to Matysiak, “both men who corresponded should be fully aware of what they were doing, because both had access to classified information.”

– It’s hard for me to imagine. This is a violation of all rules by fully aware people. We also have confirmation of this state of affairs, because the Military Counterintelligence Service in connection with these circumstances initiated control proceedings against Colonel Krzysztof Gaj and revoked his security clearance. This clearly and clearly indicates that there were justified facts that testified to the abuse of powers, non-compliance with the provisions on the protection of classified information. So it’s hard for me to imagine using such tools to send sensitive, classified data – he stressed.

He admitted that he did not know whether the initiation of proceedings by investigators in this case could be considered a breakthrough. – I believe that a vetting procedure should be initiated immediately against all persons who corresponded by sending sensitive or classified information, or in business relations using private tools – he noted.

He noted that he knew Colonel Gaj personally and could confirm his professionalism in the substantive sphere. – I would not burden him with full responsibility here, I would rather seek this responsibility from decision-makers – he added.

Matysiak on the e-mail scandal: I would look for responsibility from decision-makersTVN24


Rudimentary information from Dworczyk, Gaja’s silence

In June 2021, after the e-mail scandal broke out, Dworczyk issued a statement in which he argued that his e-mail box “which was the subject of the hacking attack did not contain any information that was classified, restricted, secret or top secret.”

Colonel Gaj, who left his job at the prime minister’s office after the e-mails were revealed, consistently refuses to comment on the case.

>> As we reported on tvn24.pl, the Military Counterintelligence Service took away Colonel Gaj’s security clearance last summer, giving him access to state secrets

Michał Dworczyk was dismissed from the position of head of the prime minister’s office on October 13. However, he remained a close collaborator Mateusz Morawiecki and a member of the government.

Main photo source: PAP/Tomasz Gzell

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