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Emergency landing in the capital of Ethiopia. The passengers of the plane flying from Mombasa in Kenya to Warsaw told about their experiences

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From the moment we took off in Mombasa, there were first the noises of scuffling. We noticed this right away. Horror in the eyes. I was saying to my friend: “okay, let’s not get too excited, enough emotions for today”. Maybe after half an hour of this flight, we heard a knock, but it was solid, as if on the floor. And when this knock appeared, then we felt a pang of fear – reported after the arrival to Poland of a passenger plane flying from Mombasa to Warsaw from Kenya, which had to land in the capital of Ethiopia.

On Saturday, an Enter Air plane flying from Mombasa, Kenya to Warsaw, had an emergency landing at the airport of the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa. There were 167 people on board. The first passenger reports showed that fire appeared on the back of the plane, before departing from the Kenyan airport. A statement by Enter Air said the smoke was “most likely from one of the luggage”.


– It was a great unknown, in fact – said one of the passengers of the replacement plane that landed at Chopin Airport in Warsaw on Sunday. The man referred to reports that fire appeared on the machine, which had crash landed in Addis Ababa, before taking off in Mombasa. He stressed that the repair took about three hours, which he thought was “a little disturbing”.

“So each of us was very concerned when we boarded the plane again,” he added. The passenger said that the situation was very uncertain and the travelers wondered if the plane was actually operational. “But since the captain assured us one hundred percent that the plane was operational, we trusted him,” he said.

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Chopin airport. Landing of a replacement plane from Addis AbabaTVN24

The passenger claimed that many on board “wished to prevent this plane from taking off again”. – We were afraid for our health and life, but there were pressures. Unfortunately, there was pressure from the staff level, we were threatened by the Kenyan police that if we did not fly out, people would be arrested because we are blocking, suspending the departure of the plane, so it was very disturbing – he stressed.

The man said that in the front of the plane “there were scenes that were not Dantesque, but there were huge quarrels, and the Kenyan police appeared in the airline’s sleeve.”

Arrival of a replacement plane from Ethiopia TVN24

Shuffling, whistling sounds

– From the moment of taking off in Mombasa, first there were shuffling and whistling sounds – reported the passenger, who also flew from the capital of Kenya to Warsaw. As she stated, it was “totally unrelated to the noise of the plane”.

– We noticed it right away. Horror in the eyes. I was saying to my friend: “okay, let’s not get too excited, enough emotions for today”. I don’t know, maybe after half an hour of this flight we heard a knock, but a solid knock, as if on the floor. Well, when this knock appeared, then a pale fear fell on us – she confessed. According to her report, after a short time, the crew instructed passengers to take off their shoes and prepare to assume the evacuation position.

Airline message

Enter Air announced on Saturday that the B-737 800 with 167 passengers on board had to land in Ethiopia due to incorrect readings on one of its engines while flying from Mombasa, Kenya.

The airline also announced that at the airport in Mombasa, before the departure of the machine, there was a separate incident, which was caused by the appearance of smoke in the trunk. The smoke – according to Enter Air – most likely came from one of the luggage.

Enter Air is the largest private airline operating in Poland. The line transported 2.5 million passengers in Poland in 2019. The Group carries out connections for Polish and foreign travel agencies, flying in over 30 countries. The company’s fleet consists of 22 Boeing 737-800 aircraft and two Boeing 737 MAX 8. The carrier has six permanent operational bases: in Warsaw, Katowice, Poznań, Wrocław, Paris and Zurich, and several seasonal bases, incl. in London, Madrid, Prague and Tel Aviv.

Main photo source: TVN24

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