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Emergency medical Services. The Ministry of Health has announced an increase in the valuation of ambulances. Professor Andrzej Matyja comments

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According to the announcements of the Ministry of Health, an additional PLN 60 million will be allocated to the medical rescue system this year. The President of the Supreme Medical Council, professor Andrzej Matyja, said on TVN24 that his calculations show that to meet the ministry’s announcements, much more than the aforementioned PLN 60 million is needed. – The minister is an economist, maybe he can count better. As a medic, it turned out a bit differently – said Matyja.


Paramedics fight for higher salaries, and they do not agree to extremely difficult working conditions. On September 1, they started a nationwide protest. Some of them did not come to work or took the minimum number of hours on call.

Health Minister Adam Niedzielski said at a press conference on Tuesday that an additional PLN 60 million will be added to the medical emergency system this year. Deputy Minister of Health Waldemar Kraska informed that from October 1 the valuations of the so-called ambulances will increase. In a specialist ambulance, the increase is to amount to over PLN 1,400, and in a basic ambulance, PLN 1,000.

Matyja on the health ministry’s calculations: I don’t like something

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The president of the Supreme Medical Council, professor Andrzej Matyja, spoke about these announcements on TVN24 on Wednesday. He questioned the amount that the Ministry of Health was going to spend on the medical rescue system.

“I’m not a mathematician to detail this, but I don’t like something,” he admitted.

He calculated that if we have about 1,600 ambulances in Poland, and the increase in the basic version for a good ambulance is to be PLN 1,000, then daily in the country it will be one million six hundred zlotys. Multiplying this by the number of days remaining until the end of the year, he obtained – as he pointed out – “over PLN 160 million”, and not the 60 million mentioned by the ministry.

– The minister is an economist, maybe he can count better. As a medic, it turned out a bit differently – said Matyja.

– And there is the main question – does this amount, the so-called bed-ambulance, already include all the allowances that the rescue system was receiving at the moment, is it extra money? As of today, neither we, nor I, nor I think that medics, hospital directors do not know – he continued.

Professor Matyja on the increase in the value of the ambulance: it works differently for me than for the minister of healthTVN24

Matyja: This is a policy that works for a while

As the second important aspect of this case, Matyja indicated that “in this ambulance there is only money for paramedics working in the ambulance service”, and “paramedics working in Hospital Emergency Departments were forgotten”.

– So there is again segregation for better and worse – he said.

He assessed that such action on the part of the health ministry “this is a policy of incoherence, it is a policy that operates for a while, because the upcoming protest is announced”. This one is scheduled for Saturday, September 11th.

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