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Emmanuel Macron has made up his mind. He did not accept the prime minister's resignation

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President France Emmanuel Macron decided on Monday to remain in the position of prime minister Gabriela Attala. He did not accept the resignation that Attal submitted at the Elysee Palace after the announcement of the final results of the parliamentary elections.

Gabriel Attal remains in office

“The president has asked Gabriel Attal to remain prime minister for the time being in order to ensure the country's stability,” Macron's office said in a statement.

Attal already indicated on Sunday that He will resignwhich is in line with French political tradition. He added, however, that he was willing to stay in office longer, but that the decision was up to the president.

Gabriel Attal is a supporter of Emmanuel Macron. They both come from the same Renaissance party.

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France. Parliamentary election results

On Monday morning, the final results of the French parliamentary elections were announced. They were significantly different from those of the first round.

The New Popular Front won winning 182 seats. Second place was taken by Revival Emmanuel Macron from 163 seats. In third place is the far-right National Union with 143 seats. No one won an outright majority, and the new parliament will be divided into three blocs.

Experts predict that the new French government will be unstable and chaotic because no one wants to form a coalition. Jean-Luc Melenchonthe leader of the New Popular Front even stated that President has the “obligation” to entrust full power to his party, because it won the most votes.

Marine Le Pen, who came very close to winning and gaining a majority in the National Assembly after the first round, said that France is facing destabilization. The leader of the National Rally predicts that the three different groups will constantly block each other.

She added that “France is losing another year.” She probably referred to the constitutional law in France that allows for early elections to be held no earlier than a year after the previous one.

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