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Emmanuel Macron is trying to “win the war before the war”. “Le Figaro” about the controversial words of the French president

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French President Emmanuel Macron – as “Le Figaro” writes – is trying to resurrect the forgotten military concept of strategic ambiguity, the basis of hybrid war. However, the daily claims that he lacks “credible abilities.” This is a comment on Macron’s controversial words about possibly sending soldiers to fight in Ukraine.

“By suggesting that France might send troops to Ukraine, Macron tried to restore ambiguity in favor of the West in order to create doubts in Vladimir Putin,” the daily notes in a comment on Monday’s words of the head of state, which caused controversy.

Macron then said it would be defeated Russia is essential to guarantee security in Europe and sending Western land forces to Ukraine in the future should not be ruled out.

“This poorly prepared message was also misunderstood. There was no question of immediately sending French soldiers to fight on the front alongside the Ukrainians against the Russian army. However, Putin’s doubts should have been aroused,” writes “Le Figaro”.

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Macron assured on Thursday that every word he said about sending troops to… Ukraine is well thought out and “carefully selected”. Many Western countries, following Macron’s words, have ruled out this possibility.

“Ambiguity lies at the heart of nuclear deterrence doctrines, in which vital interests are never clearly defined. It is the basis of hybrid warfare,” writes Le Figaro, noting that conventional deterrence is based on the same principle.

Strategic ambiguity is intended to “win the war before the war.” Putin constantly uses it, while the West feels less comfortable with this rhetoric, the daily emphasizes. But – notes “Le Figaro” – “strategic ambiguity alone does not guarantee anything – it must be supported by credible capabilities, and these are still missing.”

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