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Emmanuel Macron on maintaining the status quo around Taiwan

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“France is in favor of preserving the status quo around Taiwan,” French President Emmanuel Macron said at a press conference in Amsterdam on Wednesday. As he said, this is a “European position”, adding that Paris “supports the policy of one China and the search for a peaceful settlement of the situation.”

Macron said in Amsterdam that an increase in tension in the Indo-Pacific region should be prevented. France he doesn’t need to take lessons from anyone in both Taiwanas well as Ukraine or the Sahel, said the French leader.

The French agency AFP noted that Macron, speaking about Taiwan, fully confirmed his earlier controversial statements on the subject.

Emmanuel Macron and Mark RutteREMKO DE WAAL/PAP/EPA

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After visiting China

The French president, on his way back from last week’s visit to China he told reporters that Europe must resist the pressure to become “america’s copycat”. Referring to the tensions between the PRC and Taiwan, he noted that for Europe “it would be a great risk” to become entangled in “other crises“, which would make it impossible to build European strategic autonomy.

On Wednesday in Amsterdam, Macron also said that “being an ally of the US does not mean being an American vassal.” “It doesn’t mean we no longer have the right to think for ourselves,” the French leader said.

We need a Europe that “speaks with one voice,” the head of the Dutch government noted Mark Ruttewhich confirmed the desire to increase the continent’s independence and make it a world leader in clean technologies.

The Prime Minister of the Netherlands also stressed the importance of Franco-Dutch friendship, especially in context war in Ukraine. He added that it is equally important to support NATO partners. “Without the help of the US, Ukraine would not be able to resist all these waves of Russian attacks,” Rutte said.

Macron welcomed the tightening of cooperation with the Netherlands in the field of energy, transport, innovation and agriculture, emphasizing the importance of these projects for strengthening Europe’s strategic autonomy. It is not just a concept, European strategic autonomy is becoming a reality, stressed the French president.

Macron and his spouse arrived in Amsterdam PETER DE JONG/PAP/EPA

Detaining the demonstrators

On Wednesday in Amsterdam, police overpowered and detained two demonstrators who were running towards Macron. Protests also accompanied the speech of the French president on Tuesday in The Hague. This first state visit of a French president to the Netherlands in 23 years is overshadowed by Macron’s internal problems, above all the issue of the pension reform, which has caused widespread social protests, comments the France24 station.

During Wednesday’s press conference in Amsterdam, Macron defended the reform, arguing that it was necessary to put the country’s public finances in order after the pandemic. He also assured that after the decision of the Constitutional Council on the constitutionality expected on Friday, adopted by the government without going through the parliamentary procedure, he would like to resume dialogue with trade unions in an “atmosphere of consent”.

Taiwan and China – comparisonPAP

Main photo source: REMKO DE WAAL/PAP/EPA

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