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Emoji. Pregnant man and pregnant person in the new pictogram catalog

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Emoji of a man and a pregnant woman will complete the image of a pregnant woman. This was reported by Emojipedia. Among other things, the new images of pregnant people are to reflect the fact that both transsexual men and non-binary people can get pregnant.

Emoji are pictograms that are used to express emotions in Internet messages. The Unicode Consortium is responsible for what graphics will be available on our phones and computers. It is a non-profit organization based in California. It brings together entities that deal with the implementation of various projects related to this system of signs. The consortium collects, then approves and publishes lists of emoticons that are then used by Internet users. All available artwork can be seen in Emojipedia, which is run by the organization.

Emoji: male and pregnant

The Unicode Consortium presented and explained the meaning of two new emojis. They are a pregnant man and a pregnant person. These are images of figures holding a round belly. In this way, the emoticon of the pregnant woman, which appeared in the collection in 2016, will be completed.

The new images of pregnant people are intended to reflect the fact that both transsexual men and non-binary people can become pregnant. Unicode also explains that a pregnant person can also be abused by women with short hair. The consortium emphasizes that the emergence of new emoticons is a response to the conscious and inclusive (inclusive – ed.) Use of this form of communication.

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Emoji referring to pregnancy

In Emojipedia, we can also read that pictograms referring to pregnant people can also be used in situations referred to in English as “food baby” (colloquially: “nutritional pregnancy”). It’s about describing the condition after overeating. This term appears in many cultures, for example in memes, on the occasion of Christmas gluttony.

The first catalog of 179 emoji was created 20 years ago by the Japanese Shigetaka Kurita. He wanted to breathe emotion into text messages sent via an early mobile internet system called i-mode, a competitor at the time known from the Polish WAP market.

Main photo source: Sharaf Maksumov / Shutterstock, Twitter / Emojipedia

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