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End of the school year. The Left and the New Generation Association issued certificates for Przemysław Czarnek

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Students celebrate the start of summer vacation, but there is nothing to celebrate in education. Minister Przemysław Czarnek – as he says – is satisfied with himself, and probably only he, because the Nowa Generacja i Lewica Association gave him an unsatisfactory grade, without promotion to the next class. At the same time, teachers are worried about staff shortages, and the problem of schools is still gigantic underfunding.

It was not an easy school year – just after the pandemic, in overcrowded schools and with gigantic staffing problems, but the Minister of Education and Science Przemysław Czarnek is satisfied with himself. At a special school in Kozienice in Mazovia, the Minister and Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki exchanged the successes of the government in the field of education. The subject of history and the present was considered the number one success.

– It was a school year in which 350,000 young people learned for the first time since time immemorial the latest history within the framework of history and the present – said the Minister of Education.

Success number two is – as we hear – investments in education. – It was a year of gigantic investments – emphasized Czarnek.

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Przemysław Czarnek summarized the 2022/2023 school yearTVN24

The place where the Prime Minister and the Minister visited was not accidental, because thanks to the government subsidy, the special school in Kozienice was able to move to its present building. Previously, it operated in an old monastery. – It was possible thanks to the improvement of public finances and now we are investing in such schools with the money taken from the mafias – said the head of the government. – Only during the last school year, from two awards, from two rounds of the Polish Investment Order, local governments all over Poland obtained PLN 5.2 billion for investments in education – pointed out the Minister of Education.

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However, Przemysław Czarnek did not mention the PLN 40 million that went to villas and apartments for organizations befriended by the minister or other politicians of the ruling party. – We already know what the minister was doing this year: giving away money and villas for his colleagues – comments Katarzyna Kotula, an MP from the Left.

Przemysław Czarnek summarized the 2022/2023 school year

Przemysław Czarnek summarized the 2022/2023 school yearTVN24

A certificate for Minister Czarnek

On Friday, members of the Left and people associated with the Civic Platform, the New Generation Association, issued a certificate to Minister Czarnek.

– Today we are issuing a testimony to Czarnek and his government at the Ministry of Education and Science. Unfortunately, the average rating is 1.0 – Minister, this is not a reason to be proud – said Mikołaj Figlarski from the New Generation Association. – For arrogance, arrogance and insolence, Przemysław Czarnek certainly deserves an excellent rating – assessed Agnieszka Dziemianowicz-Bąk, an MP from the Left. – If the minister of education was a school pupil or a student, he would not be promoted to the next grade – indicated Krystyna Szumilas, an MP from the Civic Coalition and former minister of education.

The government spokesman referred to the allegations of the Left and the Nowa Generacja Association. – It’s hard not to give Mr. Przemysław Czarnek a promotion to the next class, because not only did he finish all classes, he also graduated and became a habilitated doctor – commented Piotr Muller.

The young people, unlike the government spokesman, talk quite seriously about overloading the core curriculum, about disrespect for girls or minorities, about ridiculing teachers, but the certificate also includes comments about, for example, right-wing indoctrination of children.

– Polish education has become a snitch primarily because subjects such as HiT have been introduced to school – believes Antoni Chudzicki, head of the New Generation in Kielce.

"villa plus".  The bed of August III Saxon was purchased.  Now it must be returned

“Villa Plus”. The bed of August III Saxon was purchased. Now it must be returnedMaciej Mazur/Fakty TVN

Problems of Polish schools

The biggest problem of schools – as we hear – is still gigantic underfunding. – For the minister of education, the greatest threat to Polish education is neo-Marxism and the left, and for the Polish school, in fact, and for those who are in this school, its huge underfunding. It’s not just about the salaries of teachers who leave the profession because they don’t earn enough, but also about everyday things – points out Justyna Suchecka, tvn24.pl journalist.

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According to the authors of the Dealerzy Wiedzy website, in mid-June there were already 18,000 teaching vacancies. This is almost 5,000 more than a year ago at this time, which means that the problem of the lack of teachers will grow. – Very committed teachers, well prepared for the profession, with tears in their eyes, because they love this job and wanted to stay, but to stay in Warsaw for this money, to support their family, it was impossible – says Danuta Kozakiewicz, headmistress of Primary School No. 103 in Warsaw.

We also hear from headmasters about overcrowded schools, but also about the terrible mental condition of children. – I think that next year will be an even greater challenge, when there will be even more students – three more departments than this year, so it will be very tight – informs Jerzy Olczak, director of IV LO in Szczecin. – Stressed children, children with psychological and psychiatric problems. Things like self-mutilation appeared, Kozakiewicz mentions.

Another problem is the physical condition of children and PE lessons. – The greatest success of the Minister of Education: the fact that research on sport has been carried out, that the classes have been warmly received in schools, but at the same time it does not go hand in hand with such great needs, such great needs that the school has today – points out Justyna Suchecka.

There are also no prospects for salary increases for teachers. School employees can count on a one-time allowance, which will most likely be paid just before the elections.

"The janitor, whose work is also important, will earn more than the young teacher"

“The janitor, whose work is also important, will earn more than a young teacher”Marta Balukiewicz/Fakty po Poludnie TVN24

Main photo source: Facts after noon TVN24

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