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Endometriosis. Reactions to the report This is your beauty

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Magda Łucyan and Katarzyna Górniak, the authors of the report on endometriosis “Such your beauty”, spoke on TVN24 on Sunday about the reactions to their material. Several hundred women commented on him in just over a day. “I heard such your beauty” practically at every visit to the gynecologist for over a dozen years “- one of them wrote. – All these women thank us – said Katarzyna Górniak.

The reporters of “Facts” TVN Magda Łucyan and Katarzyna Górniak prepared a report entitled “Such your beauty”. It concerns endometriosis, a disease of several million Polish women, which is responsible for almost half of infertility cases. It is associated with pain comparable to that of childbirth, and in Poland there is no system of help for women who suffer from it.

Łucyan and Górniak talked to women for whom this disease is an everyday reality. They asked them what their life was like. Doctors who specialize in the treatment of endometriosis – and there are few of them in Poland – asked why women have to wait even several years for a correct diagnosis.


Hundreds of comments following a report on endometriosis

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Łucyan and Górniak told on Sunday on TVN24 about the reaction to their report. They said that one day after the issue, there were hundreds of comments from women sharing their story with endometriosis. “I heard such a beauty” practically at every visit to the gynecologist for over a dozen years “- wrote Kasia.

Magda Łucyan and Katarzyna Górniak about their report on endometriosisTVN24

“In my case, it took 10 years and seven operations to find out what was wrong with me. The effects continue to this day” – wrote Monika. Ms. Justyna wrote that she had waited 12 years for the diagnosis and had two operations at the National Health Fund, which “instead of helping, did harm”.

“I was sent from the doctor to the doctor and it was said that I exaggerated that I was pretending. Until finally I had such a hemorrhage that I lost consciousness. Then they believed” – wrote another woman, Monika.

Lucyan: these women describe the same way

– The shocking thing is that these stories and comments are practically the same. These women describe the same path – said Lucyan. – And this is caused by the system, or rather the lack of a system – she added.

Górniak added that as reporters they are moved by the fact that “all these women thank us”. – They feel that someone finally took them seriously. He heard them and believed them because the system doesn’t believe them, she said.

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