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Energy – coal. ERO: power generators report declines in inventories

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At the end of last week, 10 licensed energy producers reported to the Energy Regulatory Office that the stocks of hard coal fell below the levels provided for by the regulations. Such reports are nothing unusual – emphasizes the regulator.

At the end of last week, there were 10 such reports, Agnieszka Głośniewska, the spokesman of the Energy Regulatory Office, told PAP. – It’s not unusual. It is a solution adopted in law and it has the right to happen – she emphasized.

As she pointed out, the greatest impact on the security of electricity supply is exerted by fuel stocks in 20 licensed energy companies, and the greatest impact on the security of heat supply has fuel stocks in over 300 licensed companies supplying heat to consumers.

Coal stocks – legal regulations

The 2003 ordinance stipulates the accumulation of stocks of hard coal, lignite and heating oil.

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Pursuant to the law, energy companies involved in the generation of electricity or heat, which are obliged to maintain fuel stocks, have the option of reducing these stocks below the amounts specified in the relevant regulation.

The reduction may take place in specific cases, if it is necessary to ensure the continuity of electricity or heat supplies.


Three cases

The first such case is an instruction from the relevant operator of the power system to generate electricity in an amount higher than the average amount generated in the same period in the last three years.

The second is the unforeseen significant increase in electricity or heat production.

The third is the occurrence, due to independent, unforeseen, significant limitations in the supply of fuels used to generate electricity or heat.

Coal stocks – requirements

In the case of hard coal, the stocks are to correspond to at least 20-day consumption, if knee, providing a total of 70 percent. of anticipated consumption are at a distance of more than 50 km. If these conditions are not met, the stocks are to be used in at least 30 days.

In the case of coal delivery by conveyor belts directly from the mine, the stocks may be 3-day-long, provided that the supplier is contractually obliged to collect at least 14-day consumption at the landfill available to the customer.

Additionally, an energy company which took advantage of the possibility of reducing fuel stocks is obliged to replenish fuel stocks to the amounts specified in the ordinance, within no more than two months from the last day of the month in which their reduction began.

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