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Energy performance certificate. When is it needed? Who needs it? How much is?

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In April, new regulations on energy performance certificates come into force. When will we need such a document? Who should I contact about this? How much is? In an interview with TVN24 Biznes, Maciej Surówka, president of the board of the Association of Energy Certifiers and Auditors, explains doubts related to energy certificates.

On April 28, new regulations on energy performance certificates will come into force. The certificates themselves are nothing new, but as Surówka points out, “the change in regulations is intended to eliminate gigantic pathologies, i.e. situations when we build buildings without any control and when there is a trade in real estate without energy parameters.”

When is an energy performance certificate needed?

This amendment has two aspects. One is to seal the system when after erecting a new building, we apply for an occupancy permitthen we must provide an energy performance certificate – he explains.

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The second aspect – he explains – concerns the secondary market, specifically renting or selling an apartment.

– Then also a copy of the energy certificate should be provided. The notary writes down the number of the certificate, and if it is missing, he will inform us about the imminent fine and will make the relevant entry in the notarial deed – explains the president of SCiAE.

Who do I contact for an energy certificate?

Maciej Surówka explains that in order to obtain a certificate, one must contact the building manager. – administrators or housing cooperatives they generally do not prepare such certificates in advance. The manager must provide the building documentation within 14 days – one that allows for the preparation of an energy certificate – says Surówka.

It also explains who can make such a document for us. – The energy certificate can be prepared by authorized personswhich are located in the central register of energy performance of the building Surówka explains. This register includes list of persons authorized to draw up certificates, persons authorized to inspect the heating system or air-conditioning system and the list of energy performance certificates.

– There are about 21,000 such persons (entitled persons) in Poland. These are people who have various types of building qualifications: they have completed post-graduate studies or have completed an appropriate range of material during full-time studies. At first, it was allowed on the basis of a state examination. There were a few such exams and this is the third group of people – he explains.

He also points out that after the introduction of the new regulations, “these people will have more work”, because “the demand for certificates should increase sharply, unless there are any gaps or understatements in the law”.

– In recent years, we have registered annually about 10,000 energy certificates for buildings and about 70,000 certificates for flats, premises, parts of buildings. For new buildings – single-family or multi-family houses – the demand may increase to 80-100,000, and the demand for certificates for flats or premises may reach 300-400,000 – says the president of SCiAE.

Energy performance certificate – how much does it cost, what deadline

As far as legal loopholes are concerned, ideas have emerged regarding erecting statues of the Virgin Mary, because religious buildings do not need energy certificates. – I wonder if the figure of the Virgin Mary will not be more expensive than the energy certificate. Buildings for religious purposes should be distinguished from buildings that would pretend to be something like this – emphasizes Surówka.

On the other hand, regarding the cost of the document, he indicates that “it is to be expected that certificate for the apartment it’s an expense from PLN 400 to PLN 600“, and “for houses prices start from PLN 700 and can reach up to PLN 1,500“.

– With normal current orders, the standard time for the creation of a certificate is two weeks. However, if someone has free processing capacity with good access to documentation, then a certificate of flat can be made in 2-3 days. In my opinion, a well-done certificate requires the presence of a certifier who will look at the insulation standard, window joinery, heating system, hot water system and the like – he explains.

Why were energy certificates introduced?

Surówka also indicates that “the introduction of energy certificates in Poland resulted from the EU directive from 2010 and the subsequent version from 2018“.

– By adapting Polish legislation to the EU with a great delay, because we should adapt the last directive by 2020, an amendment to the regulations on energy performance was introduced. This amendment enters into force on April 28 this year.

Author:Krzysztof Krzykowski

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