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Energy prices. The power system on the brink of crisis – Piotr Woźniak, former president of PGNiG, comments

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Our power system has reached the limit of its efficiency – said Piotr Woźniak, former Minister of Economy, in “One per one” on TVN24. The former president of PGNiG referred to the situation on July 4 this year, when the system was on the brink of crisis. At that time, Poland had to resort to emergency aid from neighboring systems.

Piotr Woźniak was asked if we are in danger of a blackout. – Blackout is an extreme phenomenon, but in the anti-crisis plans that every government and every state should have – we also have – such a scenario is predicted and countermeasures are envisaged. Will they work in a situation where energy carriers have reached unbelievable price peaks, this is a separate thing, while the second thing is whether our system in a blackout, i.e. in the absence of electricity, will withstand it and how it will endure – said the former president of PGNiG.

Piotr Woźniak: the system has reached the limit of its efficiency

The former economy minister recalled that on July 4 this year. there was no power in the national system. – We bought power from our neighbors, it was probably about 700 megawatts of power short of regions, some of which we manage, other islands cannot cope, but there is a general collapse, because the flow between the islands, i.e. regions supplied and not provided, is interrupted – explained the TVN24 guest.

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You can defend yourself against blackout – as Woźniak said -. – The systemic defense is based on the fact that the power reserve should be kept in the PPS, it amounts to approximately 9 percent of the demand, and this backup capacity was not available on July 4 – indicated the former president of PGNiG. At the same time, he assured that the company Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne “makes sure that this capacity is available and, if necessary, calls up units that are in production reserves”. – It is not always possible to do it in a short time – he added.

As he admitted, however, on July 4 he showed that there could be a problem, “especially as there was no failure then.” – It means that there was no extraordinary event, something was wrong here – said the former economy minister.

– The declared reserve was kept, but it turned out that it was missing. Something did not come out in the planning calculations here, or there was some undisclosed failure, about which we do not know (…). It was all calculated in a planned manner, but it turned out that it was missing, without any excessive event, which is very disturbing, because it means that our system has reached the limit of its efficiency. The demand for energy will not fall (…) – said Piotr Woźniak.

Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne in the explanations sent to “Rzeczpospolita” indicated that on 4 July during the day two large generating units reported failures. “As a result, the reserve available to the operator at 7 PM on Monday was not sufficient” – the company admitted. In this situation, the operator – as indicated in the reply sent to “Rz” – used the tools necessary to restore the required reserve level, including emergency assistance from neighboring systems.

Main photo source: TVN24

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