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England. BBC presenter Maryam Moshiri showed the middle finger on the show

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On Wednesday, one of the BBC news editions started in a surprising way. Presenter Maryam Moshiri, apparently not realizing she was on camera, showed the middle finger to the camera. The next day she apologized for the gesture. “It was not aimed at viewers or any person. It was a stupid joke played on a small group of colleagues,” she emphasized.

At the beginning of one of Wednesday’s editions of the BBC news, viewers saw an unusual image. Presenter Maryam Moshiri showed the middle finger to the camera, smiling and raising her eyebrows. It only lasted a moment, after about a second the woman put on a serious face, greeted the viewers and began presenting the news.

The middle finger on the BBC

The next day, Moshiri published a post on the X platform (formerly Twitter) in which she apologized for the incident. She explained that she was counting down the last seconds before going on air.

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“When the countdown reached one, I raised my finger. It was supposed to be a joke. I didn’t realize that I was already on the TV. (…) I didn’t want it to happen. If I offended anyone, I’m sorry. It wasn’t aimed at viewers or any person. It was a stupid joke played on a small group of colleagues,” we read in the presenter’s entry.

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BBC bloopers

“The Guardian” reminds that this is not the first such situation on the BBC. In 2010, popular weather presenter Tomasz Schafernaker gave his colleagues the middle finger on air. When he realized he was on camera, he rather clumsily pretended to scratch his beard. He amused the hosts who had previously tried to connect with him.

The diary also recalls other BBC mishaps. He writes about a situation from 2006 when Guy Goma came to the station’s headquarters for a job interview for a position in the IT department. However, he was mistaken for a specialist in this field, whose name was the same as him, and who was to appear on the air that day as an expert. As a result, Guy Goma appeared on the show, where – as planned – he tried to answer questions, but not those asked by the recruiter, but by the presenter. Unfortunately, he didn’t get the job in the end.

In turn, in 2016, right after the presenter announced the first minister Scotland Nicola Sturgeon, viewers were shown a photo of a gorilla that escaped from London Zoo.

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