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England. Burgh Island, which inspired Agatha Christie, is for sale

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The English island of Burgh, which inspired Agatha Christie to create two of her most famous works, has gone up for sale. The potential buyer, however, must take into account a considerable expense: for the island, along with the luxury hotel located on it, you will have to pay at least 15 million pounds, which is the equivalent of over 78 million zlotys.

Burgh Island lies just off the Devon coast in the south-west England. It is a tidal island, meaning that its land connection to the rest of England periodically reveals itself at low tide, only to make Burgh a separate island again at high tide. There are several buildings on it: a couple of private houses, a restaurant and a luxury hotel operating since 1929. It was here that Agatha Christie wrote two of her famous novels: And Then There Were None and The Evil That Lives Under the Sun.

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Burgh Island for sale

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Now the entire island has been put up for sale. According to the information posted on the website of the real estate agency Knight Frank, “offers exceeding 15 million pounds”, i.e. the equivalent of over PLN 78 million, will be considered. The agency emphasizes that the Burgh Island Hotel located on it is one of the best-preserved examples of the art deco style in Europe.

The broker’s website states that the hotel currently has 25 rooms, but according to the plan, the facility is to be expanded by 12 more rooms for guests and 13 for staff. The hotel’s amenities include swimming pool, sauna, billiard room, as well as several restaurants and bars. There is also a 14th-century tavern called The Pilchard Inn on Burgh Island, which used to be used by fishermen living on and around the island. There is also a helipad.

In a statement provided to CNN, the current owner of the island, businessman Giles Fuchs, explained why he decided to put it up for sale. “After the hotel survived the pandemic and is still a wild, beautiful oasis for people from all over the world, I felt it was time to let Burgh Island open its new chapter (…) I can’t wait to see what the future holds for my beloved property,” Fuchs assured.

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Agata Christie and the Beatles among the guests

CNN points out that the Burgh Island Hotel has hosted many celebrities in its nearly one hundred years of operation. Agatha Christie spent the most time in the luxurious facility, which was to become her “second home”. The island itself was not only the place where the British writer created two of her books, but also the inspiration for their plots. In “And Then There Were None” (1939), ten strangers are invited to a mysterious island where they die one by one. In turn, in the novel “Evil That Lives Under the Sun” (1941), the famous detective Hercule Poirot solves a murder mystery on an island, which in the book is called Devon Island.

Among the guests who visited Burgh Island are also m.in. The Beatles and British King Edward VIII. According to rumors, just before the Allied landings in Normandy in 1944, the then British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Dwight D. Eisenhower, the Supreme Allied Commander and later President of the USA.

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