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England, Gorleston. The 83-year-old adopted a homeless man. He was going to murder her and burn her body

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The trial of 42-year-old Allan Scott has begun, accused of murdering 83-year-old Patricia Holland and burning her body in the garden of a woman’s home in Gorleston-on-Sea, Britain, the BBC reports. The elderly woman allowed the man to live with her when he had no roof over his head. According to the prosecution, Scott murdered her because she began to insist that he move out.

Patricia Holland welcomed Allan Scott, formerly homeless, into her home in Gorleston-on-Sea, Norfolk in March 2020. The 83-year-old was last seen alive on July 24, 2021. Investigators believe she was murdered by Scott that day or the next. Police entered the woman’s property, where her body was found, after relatives reported her missing.

The man pleaded not guilty. His trial began on February 21 at Norwich Court. Opening the trial, prosecutor David Spens described the murdered 83-year-old as a “helpful woman who cares about people who have had problems in life, including the homeless.” As he added, the homeless person was Scott, whom Holland “offered a roof over his head”.

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Gorleston. The Murder of Patricia Holland

Spens said that long before the murder, the man began to behave aggressively towards Holland. It was the worst when he was drinking. There were times when he was aggressive and starting to control her. After a year, in May or June 2021, if not earlier, Mrs. Holland began to insist that he move out, the prosecutor reported.

He added that the 83-year-old’s will stated that if the woman died, Scott would be evicted, so the defendant “stated that he had the best chance of staying in her house when she was declared missing.” – The prosecution believes that he brutally attacked her on July 24 or 25, 2021, after which he burned her body in a bonfire in the back garden in an attempt to cover all traces. When police found the burned corpse, there was so little left of it that it was impossible to determine the cause of death, prosecutor Spens said. He noted that although the woman was probably thrown into the fire when she was already dead, there is no evidence that could confirm this.

“Forever happy person with a heart of gold”

The prosecutor emphasized that although Holland used a walker every day and was generally “weak”, she did not have any serious health problems. – Friends described her as an eternally happy person with a heart of gold. Neighbors also reported that she was a wonderful, warm-hearted woman, he noted.

According to the BBC, the trial in this case is expected to last three weeks.

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