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England. “Sex Sounds” live stream. Gary Lineker: I don’t know who’s making this noise

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Loud moans resembling the sounds of sex disrupted the BBC’s live sports broadcast on Tuesday night. “I don’t know who’s making the noise,” Gary Lineker, clearly surprised, said on the air. Later, he published a photo of a mobile phone hidden in the studio, from which disturbing noises were supposed to come. The BBC apologized to viewers and announced an investigation into the matter.

Disturbing loud noises were heard on a sports program on January 17 before Liverpool’s World Cup game against Wolverhampton Wanderers England. When the show host and former footballer and sports journalist Gary Lineker spoke to Alan Shearer – also a former footballer – there were noises resembling groaning. The BBC described them as “sex noises”, while Insider described them as “pornographic groans”. – I don’t know who is making this noise – commented the host of the program, trying to continue the program, but not hiding a smile at one point. – I think someone is sending something to someone’s phone. I don’t know if you heard it at home.

When the broadcast moved to the stadium to show the first half of the match, the television studio began searching for the source of the sound. Gary Lineker posted a tweet shortly after, in which he wrote that the sounds came from a mobile phone hidden in a television studio. “For sabotage, it was pretty funny,” he said, enclosing a photo of an old phone that was about to be taped in a hidden place.

Vision mishap

The unusual situation in the studio was noticed by viewers who shared a video from the show on social media. Daniel Jarvis, dubbed a “self-proclaimed YouTube prankster” by The Guardian, claimed he was behind the “feat”. He also tweeted a video in which he is allegedly seen in a British broadcaster’s TV studio. As noted by the BBC, Jarvis was convicted in October 2022 of trespassing on the pitch of the stadium and pushing cricketer Jonny Bairstow. However, Jarvis’s responsibility for the disruption of the BBC broadcast has not been confirmed.

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An investigation to clarify the circumstances of the incident has already been announced by the BBC. “We apologize to all viewers who were offended during the live coverage of tonight’s football match. We are investigating how this happened,” the BBC’s press office commented on Twitter.

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