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England. Shaye Groves convicted of manslaughter. She stabbed 18 times with a knife, she had photos of serial killers in her room

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Shaye Groves, 27, from the British county of Hampshire, has been found guilty of murdering her boyfriend in July 2022, the BBC reports. The prosecutor’s office said that Groves based his actions on the knowledge gained, among others, from while watching documentaries about serial killers.

The crime took place on July 17, 2022 at the Groves home in Havant. According to the BBC, 17 stab wounds were found on Fitzgerald’s chest and his throat was cut. On Friday, February 17, a court in the British Winchester, after a five-week trial, found Shaye Groves guilty of the murder of her boyfriend, 25-year-old Frankie Fitzgerald. She is facing life imprisonment.

Prosecutor Steven Perian said during the trial that all indications were that jealousy was the motive for the crime. Prior to the murder, Groves allegedly discovered that her boyfriend had been texting on Facebook with a 13-year-old girl. It was not clear what these talks were about. Groves, who arrived at the scene of the tragedy, presented a different version – she said that the 25-year-old attacked her and she killed him in self-defense.

27-year-old Shay GrovesHavant Police

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Fascination with serial killers

Prosecutors said Shaye Groves also tried to use her knowledge of serial killers and true crime shows to hide her guilt. In conversations with her friend, Vicky Baitup, she introduced herself as a victim of sexual violence. As the prosecutor explained, the murderer sent a recording to her friend, which shows her having sex with her partner. The video was edited to appear rape before being uploaded. However, as Steven Perian pointed out, the original video showed in the meantime that everything was done with the consent of Groves.

– The defendant, reading about murderers and watching documents about them, became familiar with acting at the crime scene, creating a false narrative and a false alibi (…) She deliberately used this knowledge – assessed the prosecutor. Prosecutors also told the court that a knife and an ax were found in Groves’ room, and the walls were hung with pictures of famous serial killers, including Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy.

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Main photo source: Havant Police

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