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Enno High. Weather on Monday. The heat from Spain dried the clouds over Poland

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Mostly clear skies and local temperature inversion – this is how Monday greeted us. As tvnmeteo.pl forecaster Arleta Unton-Pyziołek announced, in some places thermometers may show even 10 degrees Celsius.

Poland is under the influence of the extensive Enno high, stretching from northern Africa, through Central Europe, to Russia, said tvnmeteo.pl forecaster Arleta Unton-Pyziołek. Over the eastern regions, in the moist and moderately cold air, there is still a dense cloud cover, which is slowly moving away to the southeast.

In the remaining area, the weather cleared up and the clouds “dried up” – this was due to the drier and warmer air from Spain. During the night, the temperature obviously dropped slightly below zero, but during the day in the southwest, thermometers can reach up to 10 degrees Celsius. Until noon, the day will be sunny throughout the country, but another zone of greater cloudiness from western Europe is approaching us from the west.

In the morning in the country

On Monday, around 6 a.m., almost the entire country was sunny, only in Podlasie, eastern Masovia, the Lublin region and Podkarpacie, the sky was covered with clouds. There was also some fog in the southeast.

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Thermometers showed values ​​from -7 degrees Celsius in Jelenia Góra and Zakopane by -1 degree Celsius Łódź and 2 degrees C in Warsaw up to 3 degrees C in Kozienice i Kołobrzeg. Interestingly, there was a temperature inversion in the south of the country – while in Jelenia Góra the temperature dropped to -7 degrees C, in Śnieżka it was 1 degree C.

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