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Envelope elections. Ewa Wrzosek testifies before the Sejm committee – who is she? Silhouette

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On Wednesday, prosecutor Ewa Wrzosek will testify at the meeting of the parliamentary investigative committee on envelope elections. Who is the Warsaw investigator who initiated an investigation into the organization of these elections in April 2020?

On Wednesday, after 10 a.m., another meeting of the parliamentary investigative committee began elections correspondence. The first to appear was Warsaw prosecutor Ewa Wrzosek. Broadcast of the hearing on TVN24 i TVN24 GO.

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Ewa Wrzosek – who is she?

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Ewa Wrzosek has almost 30 years of experience as a prosecutor. As “Gazeta Wyborcza” reported in 2020, before 2015 she headed the Warsaw-Wola District Prosecutor’s Office, later – in April 2016 – she became the head of the Warsaw-Mokotów District Prosecutor’s Office. She lost this position after a few months. Officially, this was due to the poor results of the unit she managed, but “Wyborcza” sources claimed that the reason was Wrzosek’s membership in the Lex Super Omnia association.

The association was established at the beginning of 2017. Prosecutors associated in it – as we read in the statute – “seek to depoliticize the prosecutor’s office, constitutional guarantees of its system and respect for the independence of prosecutors.” For years, Lex Super Omnia has publicized the issues of violations of the rule of law by the Law and Justice government as a result of extensive changes to the entire judicial system.

– It would not have been possible to take over the prosecutor’s office in such an institutional way, politicize it and use it as a political tool if it were not for the prosecutors who worked in this institution – said Ewa Wrzosek on Monday, talking about the period after 2015.

Prosecutor Ewa WrzosekAlbert Zawada/PAP

Investigation into envelope elections

After losing the position of head of the Warsaw-Mokotów District Prosecutor’s Office, Ewa Wrzosek was delegated to the prosecutor’s office in Warsaw’s Ochota district, and in 2017 she returned to Mokotów to the investigation department.

In April 2020, after notifying a private person, Ewa Wrzosek initiated an investigation into the organization of the presidential elections during the pandemic, i.e. envelope elections. In the justification, she argued that she had decided to “initiate an investigation into the threat to the life and health of many people by taking action to conduct the election of the President of the Republic of Poland” during the state of epidemic in Poland.

On the same day, her superior took the case away from her and discontinued the investigation, and the national prosecutor ordered her to do so initiation of disciplinary proceedings against Wrzosek.

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Delegation to work in Śrem

In January 2021, Ewa Wrzosek was among several prosecutors delegated by their superiors to work in remote units. She was sent for six months to work in Śrem (Greater Poland Voivodeship), 310 kilometers away from Warsaw. The National Prosecutor’s Office justified the decision on distant delegations due to staffing problems resulting from the pandemic. Those decisions sparked opposition from some of the legal community. According to some associations of judges and prosecutors, the delegations were intended to have a “chilling effect” and were repressive in nature. According to prosecutor Wrzosek, sending her to a distant prosecutor’s office was an attempt to silence and harass her in connection with the initiation of an investigation into the organization of postal elections. According to experts from the Canadian Citizen Lab group, attorney Wrzosek was also allegedly one of the people under surveillance in the Pegasus system.

Ewa Wrzosek suspended

After a six-month delegation in Śrem Ewa Wrzosek returned to work at the Warsaw-Mokotów District Prosecutor’s Office. In December 2022, she was suspended from her duties. Disciplinary proceedings were also initiated against her and a request to lift her immunity was submitted to the Supreme Court. So far, Wrzosek has not faced any disciplinary charges and has not lost her immunity. These cases are still pending.

The basis for these applications were allegations made by the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Szczecin regarding the provision of information from ongoing proceedings to unauthorized persons, failure to fulfill official duties and involvement in political activities. Wrzosek firmly denies these allegations, arguing that it is an attempt to intimidate her.

In October 2023 The Supreme Court revoked the suspension imposed on Ewa Wrzosek in her official duties and reinstated her to work. – The disciplinary spokesman and the court did not prove what had been done between the first suspension and the present, which would make it probable that there was a real need to extend the suspension period – argued Judge Barbara Skoczkowska, presiding over the case. The next day the prosecutor Wrzosek returned to work.

Ewa Wrzosek at the National Council of Prosecutors

In mid-December 2023, prosecutor Ewa Wrzosek was among the prosecutors appointed by the decision of the Minister of Justice and the Prosecutor General Adam Bodnar to the National Council of Prosecutors. “Thank you very much for your trust. We have a lot of work ahead of us, but we will do everything in our power to ensure that the National Council of Prosecutors under the Prosecutor General becomes a body that actually protects prosecutorial independence,” she wrote.

Ewa Wrzosek also ran for the position of national prosecutor. However, on Monday, the Ministry of Justice team announced that after the hearings, the recommended candidate for this position is Attorney Dariusz Korneluk.

PAP, tvn24.pl, Gazeta Wyborcza

Main photo source: PAP – Tomasz Gzell

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