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Envelope elections, investigative commission. Grzegorz Kurdziel testifies

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If we had made an open tender, we wouldn’t have even had time to print these packages – said former vice-president of Poczta Polska Grzegorz Kurdziel during Tuesday’s hearing before the investigative committee on envelope elections. He was asked why two companies were selected as subcontractors to pack election packages in May 2020 without announcing a competition.

Another meeting of the investigative committee was held on Tuesday elections correspondence. He was interrogated, among others, former vice-president of Poczta Polska, Grzegorz Kurdziel.

He was asked about who physically participated in the meetings of the Ministry of State Assets. – The first meeting I attended took place on April 7. (Deputy) Minister Soboń, (Deputy) Minister (Tomasz) Szczegielniak and a whole bunch of MAP employees took part in it, he said. – There was a discussion on how these elections could be held, because I had the impression that MAP was not fully aware of what it could involve – he said.

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– You know part of the meeting in which (former – ed.) president (of Poczta Polska Przemysław – ed.) Sypniewski took part, but earlier there was a meeting in which (then – ed.) president Tomasz Zdzikot, member Paweł Przychódeń, Mr. Soboń and the directors of MAP departments were there – he reported. – It was not a formal meeting. I will tell you what happened during this meeting. Between April 7 and 14, the concept of how these elections were to be conducted changed, because on April 7 it was clearly stated that PWPW was to be responsible for the entire preparation of electoral packages, and the Post Office was to be responsible only for logistics – he explained.

– Over the next week it turned out that PWPW was unable to implement it. On April 14, there was a meeting with a larger group of the management board, then Deputy Minister Soboń asked me to stay, because during the discussion it turned out that due to my experience, I had knowledge about the postal process – he said. – To my surprise, President Sypniewski later appeared as an expert. He indicated me to discuss these matters or talk about them, because I was responsible for the most important areas at the Post Office and because I had been working at the Post Office for 25 years, he added.

Former vice-president of Poczta Polska, Grzegorz KurdzielPAP/Piotr Nowak

– During the meeting with Minister Soboń on April 14, he told us that he was going to Deputy Prime Minister Sasin to make further arrangements. The agreement was that we would organize a meeting in the form of a teleconference with potential contractors, i.e. companies that could assemble (pack – ed.) election packages based on materials printed by PWPW – he said. He added that the meeting was to be held the next day, April 15. – At this stage, there was no question that Poczta Polska would be responsible for packaging, but there would be a separate agreement with a subcontractor – he added.

– The next morning we organized a teleconference attended by, among others, three members of the management board of Poczta Polska, Artur Soboń and managers from Poczta Polska and PWPW, presidents and a team of companies that were to undertake this task. During this conference call, we received information that there would be a decision entrusting the post office with the task of packaging the packages, and the remaining companies would be subcontractors – he said. When asked whether there were notes from this videoconference, he informed that there was a note in the resources of Poczta Polska, which was also forwarded to MAP.

Kurdziel: If we had made an open tender, we would not have had time to print these packages

Kurdziel was also asked why EDC Expert Direct Communication and Prografix were chosen, and not any other company operating on the Polish market or a foreign company. – There was no time for this, if we had made an open tender, we would not have even had time to print these packages – he said.

He added that a market analysis was carried out in this matter and two other companies were also taken into account. However, “these two companies (which were selected – ed.) were in a consortium agreement with Poczta Polska and jointly provided services for common clients, while the others were not.”

Speaking about the remaining companies present on the market, he stated that “there were also important reasons, especially related to the involvement of these companies in the market on the side of the competition, not to invite them to this tender.” He also said that in accordance with the regulations at that time, Poczta Polska was exempt from the application of public procurement law.

– Dividing this order into even more entities did not make sense. The idea was to do it with trusted companies, he added. He also admitted that he recommended EDC Expert Direct Communication and Prografix to the then deputy minister at MAP, Artur Soboń, as subcontractors.

Kurdziel: I have known the president of the management board of Prografix since 2008

Kurdziel was asked about his relationship with the president of the management board of Prografix. – I have known Mr. Bartosz Mateja since I was the director of the commercial region (Poczta Polska – ed.) in Krakow, i.e. since 2008. Previously, I was also the director of the sales section, so maybe I had already met him then. Prografix is ​​a very old client of Poczta Polska, he said.

– He was one of my clients that I served. This was among my responsibilities as the director of both the commercial region in Krakow and the business client office, he continued. When asked if they were friends, he replied: – I think you could say so.

– The duties of the director responsible for sales include building positive relationships with customers. I maintain friendly contact with many clients of Poczta Polska, including large business clients, he said. As he added, “this is not friendship, it is an over-interpretation.”

Main photo source: PAP/Piotr Nowak

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