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Envelope elections – investigative commission. Meeting on Saturday? Przemysław Czarnek: No way. Without me

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During Wednesday’s deliberations of the investigative committee on envelope elections, a proposal was made for its members to meet on Saturday. – There is no option, we have made arrangements with people in the field – said Agnieszka Maria Kłopotek (PSL – Trzecia Droga). – On Saturday? Mr. President, no way, without me, echoed Przemysław Czarnek (PiS).

On Wednesday, former Minister of State Assets Jacek Sasin appeared before the investigative commission for envelope elections. His interrogation lasted almost six hours.

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After 7:30 p.m., chairman Dariusz Joński proposed that the committee members meet on Saturday.

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– There is no option on Saturday. We have made arrangements with people in the field, said Agnieszka Maria Kłopotek (PSL – Trzecia Droga).

– On Saturday? Mr. President, no way (no way – editor), without me – echoed Przemysław Czarnek (PiS).

– Exactly – added Kłopotek.

Parliamentary committee for envelope electionsPAP/Radek Pietruszka

According to the calendar on the parliamentary website, the next meeting of the committee will be held on Friday, January 26. There will be “consideration of applications for evidence” and “discussion on the release from legally protected secrecy of documents at the disposal of the Commission.” The meeting is to be closed.

Composition of the commission for envelope elections

The commission for envelope elections consists of 11 MPs. Its presidium includes chairman Dariusz Joński (KO) and three deputies – Waldemar Buda (PiS), Jacek Karnowski (KO) and Bartosz Romowicz (Poland 2050 – Third Road).

Apart from them, the committee also includes: Przemysław Czarnek (PiS), Magdalena Filiks (KO), Paweł Jabłoński (PiS), Agnieszka Maria Kłopotek (PSL – Trzecia Droga), Mariusz Krystian (PiS), Anita Kucharska-Dziedzic (Left) and Witold Tumanowicz (Confederation).

Main photo source: PAP/Radek Pietruszka

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