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Equality march in Opole. “We will march until our era comes”

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“We demand changes that cost nothing and give a lot” – this is what the organizers of this year's Equality March in Opole say. Its participants do not hide their bitterness. They raise the same demands once again. – We hope that something will change, because we have had enough – says one of the participants.

An equality march was organized in Opole for the sixth time. This is an initiative of the Tęczowe Opole Association. This time the event is held under the slogan “Our Era”. Several hundred people take part in it.

The colorful procession started at 1:30 p.m. from the Theater. Jan Kochanowski. Some people showed up there already at 11 a.m. because a marching center had been opened there.

The Town of Equality during the march in OpoleFB -Tęczowe Opole

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– We demand full rights for each and every one of us. We demand changes that cost nothing and provide a lot. We will march for them until Our Era comes – this is how the Opole Rainbow Association encouraged people to participate in the equality march.

– There are a lot of bitter words here from the gathered people, because they believe that it should have been the same for everyone a long time ago, regardless of their orientation. And unfortunately this is still the case – reports Tomasz Kanik, TVN24 reporter.

Colorful parade in OpoleTVN24

– We have been in a relationship for six years. And here in Poland we have no rights. Civil partnerships have been needed “since yesterday,” said one of the march participants. When asked why it is still necessary to wait for the legalization of unions, she said that it was apparently “not a priority.” – I don't think this is the first priority on the to-do list. There are certain demands that are implemented earlier due to… elections, which are approaching. I hope that something will finally change, because we are fed up, she added.

According to the organizers' announcements, the march route includes the following streets: Ozimska, Władysława Reymonta, Stefana Żeromskiego, roundabout Alfonsa Zgrzenioka, Oleska, Bohaterów Monte Cassino, Katowicka, Tadeusza Kościuszki, Władysława Reymonta, Ozimska and the square John Paul II.

The route of the Equality March in OpoleFB – Tęczowe Opole

“Respect is due to everyone”

This year, the equality march was held under the patronage of: Opole Voivode Monika Jurek, Opole Marshal Andrzej Buła, and Andrzej Wiśniewski, President of Opole. – We take this opportunity to give back to people in the community LGBT+ that we show them the respect that is due to all people, regardless of who they are or whom they love – emphasized Dorota Piechowicz-Witoń, plenipotentiary for equal treatment to the mayor of Opole.

Honorary patronage was also granted by the Minister for Equality Katarzyna Kotula.

They fight for a “better tomorrow”TVN24

Main photo source: TVN24

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